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CEO Statement

Maria Abellanet i Meya CEO del CETT

Maria Abellanet i Meya CEO at CETT

Dear all,

On behalf of CETT, I'd like to welcome you to the 2021-2022 academic year. A new year means a new educational journey, an opportunity for personal and professional growth as part of a learning community that connects you with the world, with companies, and society, as well as an open door to share unique and rewarding experiences that will accompany you forever.

At CETT, we understand tourism, hospitality, and gastronomy as social phenomena that connect cultures, countries, and people and make it easier to enjoy the beauty of this world in all its richness and diversity. It is a sector that goes far beyond its economic dimension: it finds its raison d'être in people. It is born out of our curiosity and our desire for sociability. It generates happiness, health, emotions, and experiences and is synonymous with equality and respect.

We are convinced that education and knowledge are crucial to your future. In a context that requires a permanent adaptation to changes, you have to develop and consolidate skills such as resilience, critical thinking, teamwork, and customer orientation, always bearing in mind the ethical perspective of the profession and its values of hospitality, respect, and care.

You, the students, are the heart of CETT, and the whole team works to make your training experience rewarding. CETT is a big family, and you are part of it, now as students and soon as professionals. In this spirit, I am convinced that all of us who are part of it - students, teachers, and professionals - will share knowledge, reflections, learning, and inspiring experiences in this course that is just beginning.

The sector needs free, autonomous, reflective, and socially aware people capable of participating actively and responsibly in the transformations that will respond to the new aspirations of tourists, residents, and society. Shall we go?

All the best to all. Welcome back home,

Maria Abellanet i Meya


What do our students think?

Júlia Caparrós
Si tienes pasión y vocación, este grado es una muy buena opción

Júlia Caparrós

Ciencias Culinarias y Gastronómicas
Bissan Abuzahra
CETT-UB is a well-established university, and it is in the most interesting city in the world

Bissan Abuzahra

Simón Ramírez
En un futuro, me veo creando mi negocio de coctelería

Simón Ramírez

Ciclo de Técnico Superior en Dirección de Servicios de Restauración
Marc Miguélez
Lo más importante es sentirse cómodo en el lugar donde te formas

Marc Miguélez

Ciclo Técnico de Agencias de Viajes y Gestión de Eventos

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Welcome to CETT

We believe in the experiences that connect us to the world and experiences that have the power to transform people.

Cultures, landscapes and flavours open the door to emotions, sensations and personal growth.

That is why we understand aesthetic experiences as an engine for learning, innovation and progress.

Over the last 50 years, CETT has been committed for the growth of the sector and society, transforming students and conceiving Tourism, Hospitality and Gastronomy as experiences that excite and connect people.



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