Supplier Policy


Dear supplier,

One of the objectives that the CETT Group sets as a daily challenge is the continuous improvement of its capacity to provide our customers with better service and attention. As a work formula to achieve this goal, the CETT group has a Management System based on the UNE-EN-ISO 9001, UNE-EN-ISO 14001 and UNE 1960 standards and the EMAS Regulation. The CETT Group, in accordance with its code of ethics and policy, is committed to building a culture of integrity based on ethical behavior and compliance with the law.

In compliance with the requirements established by the previous regulations, the evaluation of the performance of the suppliers is carried out according to the criteria indicated with the procedure PGG16 Management of Suppliers and Subcontractors, which consists of an annual evaluation of the suppliers and periodic monitoring.

The CETT Group will only evaluate those suppliers that have a high impact on its management. This means that they must meet two criteria: high volume in purchases and carry out activity with a significant impact (teachers, maintenance services, computer equipment, public health, cleaning services, waste managers, construction companies, insurance, advisors, security, banking services, legal services, MKT and advertising, supplies, Quality and Environment Certifications, kitchen and dining room services).

The criteria for evaluating suppliers are as follows: In the case of suppliers that supply tangibles (raw materials or office / computer equipment) - type A suppliers: Supplier evaluation criteria A

  • Quality of the requested material corresponds to that delivered and is in optimal condition upon receipt (Tª and organoleptic conditions) 20%
  • Delivery of all the requested material 20%
  • Comply with delivery dates 20%
  • Compliance with the requested specifications 20%
  • Quality and environmental criteria: quality certifications, waste management*, quality/environmental policy 10%
  • Legal Commitment Criteria: Corporate Compliance and Equality Plan 5%
  • Compliance with administrative management aspects 5%

For the other suppliers in the list above - type B suppliers: Supplier evaluation criteria B

  • Compliance with the requested specifications 40%
  • Quality and environmental criteria: environmental policy, waste management *, certifications (evidenced) 5%
  • Legal Commitment Criteria: Corporate Compliance and Equality Plan 5%
  • Compliance with aspects of administrative management 50%
  • Waste management refers to the following points:
  • Segregate each waste in its specific container and have special containers for hazardous waste.
  • Check that hazardous waste is separated correctly from non-hazardous waste
  • Do not evoke waste in the sanitation network -Guarantee its transport to a destination where it is recycled, in the case of hazardous waste, these must be transported by specialized managers
  • Take responsibility for the correct management of waste, not leaving it in our facilities
  • Maintain order and clean facilities
  • Comply with current regulations

The performance rating of the suppliers will be given by the result of the weighting of each of the aforementioned criteria. If you need any additional information, contact the Quality department at the following address: