Photography from: CETT's Covid-19 information related | Covid-19 informació
Universidad de Barcelona

Get ready for online learning

At CETT, we continue to teach. The current situation is exceptional and as such it poses many challenges that we will undoubtedly overcome by giving our best. We must join forces to face such challenges and help defeat COVID-19 whilst keeping our community safe.

We are not teaching traditionally anymore but we continue to teach online using the most suitable tools. Our students are our core and raison d’être and that is why we are striving to continue to teach the tourism, hospitality and gastronomy professionals of the future. Our teaching staff is prepared to use the most adequate tools and apply the required methodologies and they will undoubtedly try their best to keep up with their teaching and their course content and will undoubtedly try to find the most suitable solutions for special cases.

As a Higher Education Center, we have great responsibility towards the community, but especially towards students and their families, because they trust us; that is why we want to guarantee that we will continue to train young talented people who have chosen to study in our sector.

In these uncertain days, CETT’s commitment to innovative teaching is translated into our online training to accompany students on their learning journey also at home.