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CETT Alimara Awards will reward transformation achieved by players in tourism, hospitality and gastronomy through the implementation of digitalization, sustainability goals and research.

Award categories


We will reward products, services or marketing and communication strategies that have created an inspiring, emotional and/or motivational experience for their users/customers.


We will reward strategies, initiatives and new business models that emphasize the application of digital technologies in order to improve business competitiveness and efficiency with a view to enhancing customer experience.



We will reward strategies and initiatives that show commitment with sustainability and corporate social responsibility. This award will be given by both CETT and UN Tourism that takes part also on the jury.


We will reward applied research carried out in either the academic or the corporate world and from public and private institutions, and/or specific actions that can help the sector face its forthcoming challenges.

Categories out of contest


We also award the Alimara CAT prize with the participation of the Generalitat de Catalunya and the Direcció General de Política Lingüística and Direcció General de Turisme. This award rewards clear communication made in Catalan; correction and good use in language are the key assessement criteria. Alimara CAT can be awarded to any participant in this current edition in any category and nominees can be based anywhere or on a given region where Catalan might be an official language.


This year, CETT students will be able to cast a vote to any nominee and reward the most voted with a prize.


CETT and the awards jury will reward a media company that has significantly contributed to promoting tourism, hospitality and gastronomy during 2022 or beginnings of 2023.


CETT and the awards jury will reward people or organizations that deserve special recognition because of their contribution and dedication to the sector.

AWARD “3 PIONEERS” by CETT Foundation

As part of the Alimara Awards, CETT Foundation also awards a prize called “3 persones pioneres”. This prize was created together by Jordi Comas Matamala’s Foundation, CETT Foundation and Climent Guitart‘s Foundation and it is awarded to those people or organizations that have pioneered or helped develop or improve tourism in Catalonia. Each of the "3 persones pioneres" a prize.