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Entry requirements

Entry requirements

Due to our commitment with our community and its diversity, as well as to our international vocation, Alimara Awards are open and accessible to all, big and small businesses, government institutions, NGOs, private or public foundations, local, national or international related with tourism, hospitality and gastronomy.

  1. The nominees must meet the requirements for the relevant category.
  2. The proposal submitted had to be developed from 2022 to early 2024.
  3. You cannot submitt the same projects, actions, campaigns, etc... awarded in previous editions.
  4. The submitted proposal can only apply at one of the awarded categories.
  5. Complete online application forms must be submitted by no later than April 8th 2024 at 23:59.

Should you have any queries please contact us on

The Organization of the Awards is not responsible for the authenticity of the proposals submitted. All participants accept full compliance of entry requirements.

The Jury

The Jury

This year, the Alimara CETT Awards jury will be composed by members of several organizations from the tourism, hospitality and gastronomy sectors, as well as by researchers and professors from CETT-UB Research Group.

You can consult the members of the jury here.

The jury will assess candidates for each category considering levels of innovation, digitalization and contribution towards improving competitiveness and sustainability of a given organization and /or sector.

Our jury will award three prizes for each of the award categories or will not award categories whose nominees do not meet the requirements for the prize.

Awards ceremony

Award winners will be announced on the same day of the awards ceremony; Alimara Awards Night will be held at Alimara Hotel Barcelona on May 16th 2024.