Alimara CETT Barcelona Awards 2020, organized by CETT together with B-Travel Tourism Fair and Fira de Barcelona reward those products, services, strategies or actions that bring an innovative perspective into the areas of communication, digitalization, sustainability and research applied to tourism, hospitality and gastronomy.

The awards, launched in 1984, are represented symbolically by a torch flame (alimara, in Catalan) that is, a tool that attracts and leads people, that becomes the meeting point and connection between academia, business and government organizations. Through time, the Alimara Awards have become a compass of reference for our sector.

The 36th edition of the reference awards in our sector

The effects of COVID-19 on tourism have been very severe, but have allowed the sector to demonstrate its great resilience and adaptability. This year’s CETT Alimara Barcelona 2021 Awards want to recognize the dedication, perseverance and innovative spirit of those people, professionals, organizations or destinations in the sector who have helped to keep alive the hope of a progressive but solid and sustainable recovery.

The health emergency has had an effect on tourism, but at the same time, the sector has demonstrated its great resilience and ability to adapt, innovate and generate new opportunities. This year the Special CETT Award will be given to people or organizations that have stood out for their contribution to the recovery of the sector.

Photography from: About | Alimara CETT Awards