8M: implement women's day all year

8M: implement women's day all year

Today, March 8, is International Women's Day, a day to strengthen our commitment to the cause of gender equality. On such an important date, it is essential to remember that we are facing a challenge that concerns everyone -not only women- and, especially, the young generations that will shape the future of our society.

In this sense, at CETT-UB we are carrying out concrete actions. I would highlight the implementation of the Equality Commission some time ago, the publication of a new Equality Plan in 2022, which we implement day by day, from which, for example, a Style Guide was born that incorporates inclusive terms in the use of language to have tools and alternatives to the discriminatory uses of language.

On the other hand, CETT also has a harassment protocol with clear and forceful rules for the prevention and reporting of sexual harassment. Following this plan, there is a complaint channel specially designed to protect the victim. Other initiatives that we have green-lighted are the installation of gender-neutral and mixed toilets, and internal training in gender perspective, diversity and equality open to the entire CETT team. We are also part of the Working Group of the University of Barcelona to reinforce the inclusion of the gender perspective in academic rubrics.

In addition, CETT-UB is aware that we have an extra responsibility, since we train people who will be professionals in the sector, and who must incorporate knowledge of equality and diversity to develop their criteria with foundation and acquire an active commitment in their academic, professional and personal development.

Consequently, the gender perspective has been incorporated into the different study plans. In the case of the Bachelor's Degree in Tourism, for example, it has been carried out transversally in subjects such as Tourism Science and Tourism Policy, or through the creation of the optional subject Tourism and Gender, where work is done exclusively on this topic. As for the Masters, I would highlight the creation – with the collaboration of the Barcelona City Council – of the pioneering Master in LGBT Tourism, which is the first program worldwide focused on a tourism model based on respect and inclusiveness, as well as mainstreaming from the gender perspective already mentioned in specific sessions of the different programs.

Beyond the headlines, what is really relevant is the fact that both the students, the faculty, and CETT community as a whole, are receiving tools to learn and promote positive changes, individually and collectively, with a critical spirit. And commitment to equality. If we want to live in a free, reflective and socially conscious society, we must work so that this 8M and the rest of the days of the year we continue advancing in the gender perspective and ensuring that the position of women continues to progress both in the qualitative and qualitative spheres. Training, leadership and action, this is the commitment of CETT.

Dra. Maria Abellanet i Meya

Dra. Maria Abellanet i Meya, president of CETT-UB