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Tourism, Hospitality & Business Management


Due to their four month length, the Fall & Spring Semester Programs are by far the most popular option among international students. During this program students have enough time to get used to new teaching methodologies, gain a better understanding of the host culture, integrate well into the university environment as well as within the city itself, and travel to various places of interest across Europe. Students will have the opportunity to participate in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities enhancing their learning as well as their interaction with other students and the cultural environment and richness Barcelona has to offer.


Students are fully integrated in the classroom with local students that are working toward earning their Bachelor’s Degree in Tourism. This degree is highly interdisciplinary offering international students the possibility of taking courses in a multitude of areas of study including Business, Communication, Cultural Heritage, Economics, Gastronomy, Marketing, Project Management and more. Students normally take between 24-30 ECTS credits per semester, equivalent to 240-300 contact hours. Courses are offered in English and Spanish and organized into three tracks: Business, Tourism Management and Hospitality Management. Students may combine courses among the three tracks and two languages to best suit their academic needs.

Fotografia de: Tourism, Hospitality & Business Management | CETT

Integrated undergraduate tourism studies with local students:

Students may combine courses and tracks according to ther academic needs

Business Track
Business Track