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Educational centre

With 50 years of experience, CETT has become a center that connects people and links academia with the business and institutional fabric. It is committed to those who view learning as growth and as an opportunity to achieve vital projects through interaction with the environment and people.


CETT is the leading higher education school in Tourism, Hospitality and Gastronomy,an affiliated center of the University of Barcelona since 1997 and with a clear international vocation. We have a true International vocation and our highly specialized team of professionals provide students with a model for knowledge creation and transfer, based on rigour, innovation and experience.

FPCAT Center

Network of the Professional Training and Qualification System of Catalonia - Center for integrated professional training

CETT is recognized by the Generalitat de Catalunya as an integrated vocational training center, an identification granted by the Public Agency for Vocational Training and Qualification of Catalonia.

This classification recognizes CETT as an educational center that offers a complete and specialized vocational training, contributing to the transformation of the sector with a vocational training offer that is responsive to professional qualification and with an international dimension.

As an Integrated Vocational Training Center, we implement a methodology that, together with the facilities and the close link with the sector, provides students with a high quality training. We develop innovation and applied research projects and we have a professional orientation service.

The professional training offer we provide is:

  • Initial vocational training: intermediate and advanced training cycles.
  • Vocational training for employment: professional certificates and continuous training for professionals and tailor-made for companies.

CETT, the value of experiences

Our expertise and capability of making a difference in the sector, allows CETT students to live a unique learning experience which mirrors real life and enables them to face and anticipate new challenges and emerging trends.

We make a firm commitment to our community and we foster a constant spirit of transformation and that is why CETT adds value in order to make our sector more professional and sustainable.

School of Tourism, Hospitality and Gastronomy