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Mission Statement

Grup CETT’s mission is to provide training and transference of knowledge in the Hotel and Tourism industry, by means of our own training system. This method has as its basis:

  • A team of lecturers and professionals characterised by its academic rigour and experience.
  • The development of specialised knowledge in Hospitality and Tourism, through the contribution of expertise and research.
  • The learning and experience acquired through Grup CETT’s applied training companies.
  • Our close links with the people and companies of the Tourism industry.
  • A clear international vocation.
  • The students, characterised by distinctive traits of a solid training and the development of attitudinal skills.

We are a group of companies dedicated to training, as well as offering quality Hospitality and Tourism services. The members of the group – the teaching staff, professionals and students – direct our efforts and work towards achieving an industry which is more attuned to society and people. We prize initiative, integrity and self-development, working as a team in an international context while fulfilling our commitments to our own country.

Our companies are characterised for their sustainability. Efficiency makes us more competitive, which guarantees our continuity, as the results can be reinvested into more training and the community.