Photography from: Values | CETT
Universidad de Barcelona


  • Vocation of service: defines our motivation to know and satisfy the needs of our internal and external clients, providing quick and efficient responses to their questions and suggestions, anticipating those needs whenever possible and paying special attention to the human touch.
  • Integrity: in keeping with our ethical commitment and the honesty of our personal and professional conduct, with which we have to deal with every situation with the maximum responsibility, respect and transparency.
  • Commitment to training: showing the involvement and interest of all those who form part of the organisation in participating as teachers, theoretical or practical, in our different training schemes, facing this challenge with enthusiasm and responsibility, as an opportunity to develop new skills.
  • Team work: involves our ability and willingness to encourage the maximum collaboration, communication and confidence among all who form part of the organisation in order to generate synergies and attain common goals.
  • Initiative: shows our desire and ability to act dynamically and proactively, anticipating and contributing to change, accepting determinedly our active role in achieving the organisation’s goals.
  • Ability for self-learning and self-development: defines the urge to broaden, individually, one’s knowledge and skills as well as the ability to incorporate everything learnt in current or future professional activities, generating new value and growth, both individually and collectively.