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Universidad de Barcelona
Academic Offer
Call for applications: 28/09/2020


The Tourism industry is developing rapidly. Its impact on the economy and the development of cities and territories is undeniable. Furthermore, tourist demand is evolving and consumer habits are changing continuously. In this context, cities, regions, countries and particularly businesses from all over the world are working hard to improve their competitiveness.

Our highly specialized semester program will enable students to further develop their knowledge of the Tourism sector and set the basis for a deeper understanding of its reality and challenges.


  • Undergraduate Students

  • Accreditation of languages: Level of English or Spanish (Intermediate-B2)

Course Duration 


International Welcome Session: 23/09/2020

28/09/2020 - 22/01/2021

Exam Period: from 7th to 22nd January 2021


International Welcome Session: 25/01/2021

27/01/2021 - 26/05/2021

Exam Period: from 10th to 26th May 2021