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Specialization within Official Master in Business Tourism Management
Call for applications: October 2022

The Digital Tourism Marketing Specialty of the Master's Degree in Tourism Business Management will equip you with the fundamental competencies for developing marketing processes in the digital sphere from a triple perspective: analytical, strategic, and operational.

At CETT-UB, we know that the current context, already very dynamic, has been altered by changes in the technological sector and the post-COVID-19 era. In recent years, tourism organizations have evolved and grown exponentially. Simultaneously, changes in the technology industry have burst into all areas, generating new contact forms between users, services, and products.

As a result, the job market demands results-oriented professionals who bring together skills from the tourism and technology fields to lead departments related to digital marketing of organizations and companies in the sector.

Do you want to join a new generation of tourism and digital marketing specialists to generate memorable tourism experiences?

Thanks to the subjects of our master's degree you will become a professional able to:

  • Choose the essential tools and strategies in the digital sphere to generate memorable tourism experiences.
  • Assume leadership roles in the decision-making processes of companies.
  • Increase the market share and their sales of companies and organizations.
  • Improve user experience through different tools such as UX, UI, and web design.
  • Build customer loyalty.
  • Perform specific profiles such as organic search engine optimization specialist, paid media manager, or data analyst, among others.
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Methodolgy and Assesment

The Master's Degree has its own learning system in which you will be the center of the learning process. You will learn thanks to your active participation in the classroom through learning by doing and interaction among students, or own methodologies such as CBL and PBL.


Thanks to our Specialization in Digital Tourism Marketing, you will learn the most relevant aspects of digital marketing so you can create memorable tourism experiences.

You will assume leadership roles in all types of tourism companies' decision-making processes: from public organizations, travel agencies to digital marketing agencies.


  • You will understand the importance of digital marketing in tourism. You will learn the key elements for decision-making in the face of dynamic and uncertain contexts.
  • You will have a transversal vision of digital marketing applied to tourism. You will study the importance of return on investment (ROI). You will see the more technical and creative aspects of digital marketing with Web Design or Web Development and understand the importance of working the user experience (UX and UI) and incorporating it into the different digital areas).
  • You will learn the strategic elements of tourism marketing and social networks with Social Media Management or Strategies for the Attraction and Loyalty of Demand.
  • You will develop the implications of web analytics with the subject of Web Analytics. You will also learn about strategic elements that contribute to differentiation in a competitive tourism market.
  • You will learn to make critical decisions in digital marketing in the tourism sector: you will acquire a solid base of updated knowledge that addresses strategic, analytical, operational marketing, Social Media management, and web development.
  • You will train to make strategic decisions incorporating sustainable criteria and maximizing digitization opportunities.
  • You will choose a sector with a future: training in digital tourism marketing will ensure you a booming professional career. Most students find work or get promoted when they finish their studies.


  • You will train with top professionals: In our program, collaborate with Jordi Cirach, digital brand strategist and social media manager; Paula de Bueren, digital marketing specialist at Turijobs.
  • You will have a global vision of digital marketing for tourism: through class content, visits organizations, CETT-UB training activities, teachers, and collaborators who visit the classroom. Thanks to CETT-UB's qualities as a unique center, you will have a comprehensive tourism marketing view.
  • You will actively participate in transversal activities of the sector such as the Smart Tourism Congress Barcelona, the CETT-UB Tourism Observatory, or CETT Talent, among many.
  • An outstanding teaching staff: a unique faculty with a recognized and solid background, both professionally and academically, in the different areas related to digital marketing in the tourism sector. Also, professors who are active in the professional world participate and contribute their experience through case studies and the analysis of new business models.
  • You will apply your knowledge in real cases, through challenge resolution methodologies, case exposition, or your participation in projects with partner entities such as the Diputació de Barcelona, among others.
  • You will create and strengthen your professional network: contact with experts in the tourism sector and with your classmates will allow you to create your own national and international network, helping you promote your professional career. Besides, the unique CETT Alumni network will allow you to connect with more than 19,000 industry professionals from around the world.
  • You will experience reality: the Master's Degree in Tourism Business Management has an internship program that will allow you to learn about different business models and apply the knowledge acquired in leading companies in the sector.
  • The CETT-UB has more than 900 collaboration agreements for your curricular and extracurricular internships in companies such as Creactivitat or Vivential Value, among others.


  • You will obtain a unique official qualification: it is the only Official Master's Degree in Tourism Business Management in Spain awarded by the University of Barcelona and CETT-UB with a specialization in Digital Tourism Marketing and the possibility of a triple specialization. Ask our guidance team!
  • You will be able to access doctorate studies: as an official master's degree, it will allow you access to doctoral studies and guarantee you academic recognition outside Spain.
  • Customize your study program. Choose the language (English and Spanish), the mode of attendance (face-to-face or blended).

What do our master students think?

Jennifer Diaz
Studying at CETT has helped me find a job in which I can apply all the knowledge acquired in the master's degree. Studying at CETT has helped me find a job in which I can apply all the knowledge acquired in the master's degree.

Jennifer Diaz

Official Master in Business Tourism Management
Julia Llebaria Mas
Due to the current scenario of uncertainty, the best decision was to bet on training and what better center than CETT.

Julia Llebaria Mas

Official Master in Business Tourism Management


The Digital Tourism Marketing specialty's general objective is to train you to make strategic decisions with sustainable criteria and make the most digitalization opportunities.

The specific objectives are:

  • Integrate comprehensive strategies such as inbound marketing, social media interaction strategies, content marketing, organic and paid positioning strategies, or branding.
  • To gain in-depth knowledge of working with specific areas of the company's digital environment, such as design, development, and web analytics.
  • Exploit the potential of the digital environment for marketing in the tourism field through information and communication technologies.
  • Take advantage of new technological tools derived from artificial intelligence and machine learning, such as chatbots or semantic analysis, to improve the user experience.
  • Offer tourism services based on a company culture centered on the organization's people to guarantee excellence and quality.
  • Incorporate competitiveness and sustainability mechanisms in the different areas of the tourism business, taking into account the social, economic, and environmental perspectives to contribute to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.


The main competencies that you will develop throughout the degree are:

  • Incorporate new information and communication technologies to develop new management and marketing models that strengthen tourism companies' competitiveness.
  • Define the necessary strategies for achieving the objectives derived from the company's analysis, the environment, and the market.
  • Design and implement commercial strategies that respond to new business opportunities emerging in the sector.
  • Optimize the management of economic-financial and human resources of the tourism projects undertaken.
  • Establish sustainable development strategies in tourism companies and destinations, with the incorporation of environmental variables.
  • Develop the digital skills necessary for information management in the field of business management.
  • Identify, pose or solve a problem in a relevant and creative way.
  • Be business-oriented.
  • Undertake innovative projects.
  • Exercise leadership.
  • Work in teams and multicultural environments.
  • Develop the ability to adapt to change.
  • Have an ethical commitment.


Photography from: Master in Digital Tourism Marketing | CETT-UB | Official
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Photography from: Master in Digital Tourism Marketing | CETT-UB | Official

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Photography from: Master in Digital Tourism Marketing | CETT-UB | Official


Photography from: Master in Digital Tourism Marketing | CETT-UB | Official


Photography from: Master in Digital Tourism Marketing | CETT-UB | Official



Our specialization in digital marketing for tourism companies focuses on the most relevant aspects of digital marketing. Thanks to subjects such as Web Design and Web Development, you will work on the most creative part of digital marketing. Subjects such as Social Media Management and Strategies for Demand Acquisition and Loyalty will enable you to structure and prepare the company's digital channel to implement strategies, tactics, actions, and campaigns.

Besides, thanks to other subjects such as Web Analytics, you will delve into aspects related to the management of flows or web traffic, Return on Investment (ROI), or user experience management (UX and UI).

Others such as Web Analytics will help you delve deeper into the analytical part. You will also deal with strategic elements that contribute to differentiation in a competitive tourism market, such as Return On Investment (ROI) or user experience management (UX and UI).

itinerario del master con sus especialidades


The curriculum of the Digital Tourism Marketing specialty of the Official Master's Degree in Tourism Business Management has a duration of one academic year equivalent to one calendar year.

This Master's is aimed at entrepreneurs, intra-entrepreneurs, professionals, and university graduates interested in tourism's enormous potential, who wish to develop their executive skills linked to developing and launching innovative projects. Specifically, these profiles are:

  • Intra-entrepreneurs, corporate and professional profiles

Professionals who want to acquire the necessary skills to implement innovation processes and participate in the innovation management teams of tourism companies within the global economic framework.

  • Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs who wish to create and launch new products in the tourism market, both locally and internationally.

  • University graduates

Graduates interested in acquiring the ability to design and offer innovative tourism products and services aimed at digital and global consumers.

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Photography from: Master in Digital Tourism Marketing | CETT-UB | Official


Photography from: Master in Digital Tourism Marketing | CETT-UB | Official
Photography from: Master in Digital Tourism Marketing | CETT-UB | Official


Photography from: Master in Digital Tourism Marketing | CETT-UB | Official


Photography from: Master in Digital Tourism Marketing | CETT-UB | Official


After finishing your studies, you will be able to work in the following areas:

  • Startups in the tourism sector or that will provide services to the tourism sector.
  • Technology-based companies that provide services to companies in the tourism industry.
  • Tourist products and services design companies.
  • Intermediation companies (travel agencies, wholesalers, retailers, reservation centers...)
  • Tourist accommodations (hotels, rural hotels, spas, Paradores...)
  • Recreational and cultural companies (theme parks, shows, museums...)
  • Catering companies (restaurant chains, ...)
  • Transportation companies (airlines, maritime passenger transportation...)
Cuales son los ámbitos laborales del master de restauración y hoteleria


The main professional opportunities for our students of this Master's degree are:

  • Tourism project manager in corporate, global, and/or digital innovation environments.
  • Project Manager of digital transformation in tourism organizations and companies.
  • Designer of digital tourism products and services.
  • Digital marketing project manager in tourism.
  • Innovation manager
  • Technology transfer management positions
  • Tourism consumer experience designer
  • Collaboration positions in multidisciplinary teams for the development of websites and digital platforms for tourism applications.
  • Tourism entrepreneur
  • Consultant in the internationalization of tourism organizations.

What our alumni says

Isabel Baez

Isabel Baez

SEA Manager Central Europe at AccorHotels (Paris)
Jordi Noguera

Jordi Noguera

Executive Chef & Co-owner, Foc Restaurant (Singapore)
Natalia Mateu

Natalia Mateu

Project Management Office, The Sydney Opera House (Sydney)