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Reasons to study this master
Specialization within Official Master in Business Tourism Management

Reasons to study this master

  • It is the only accredited Masters in Tourism Management in Spain; it is accredited by the University of Barcelona and gives students access to doctorate studies as well as being internationally recognized.

  • This Masters provides an extensive portfolio of activities, expert talks and attendance to key events that will enable students to know the sector firsthand: you will participate in projects by leading companies in the sector and discover the new trends in events, digital marketing and sustainability; you will also attend tourism trade fairs such as IBTM, Smart Tourism Congress Barcelona, 4YFN, Mobile World Congress or B-Travel among others.

  • The teaching staff involved in the master’s are recognized professionals with proven experience in digital marketing leading companies; for instance, Asún Paniagua, who is responsible for digital content and strategy, storytelling and inbound marketing at EventoPlus; Eduard Vandellòs, Managing Director at Creactivitat, expert in new technologies and mobile marketing; Jordi Cirach, digital brand strategist and social media manager, expert in visual content and in influencer marketing.

  • You will become an expert in high demand; all tourism businesses need proficient social media manager, experts in search engine optimization (SEO), experts in search engine marketing (SEM) or ad words, data analysts (ROI oriented web traffic, social network netnography, target, etc.), CMS web designers, content curators, marketer strategists, etc.

  • If you want to develop your own project, a team of experts in entrepreneurship and innovation will guide you for you to make it real and enter it as your Master’s Capstone project for the Best Entrepreneurship Projects Awards by CETT Foundation.