Photography from: Presentation | Food Culture and Culinary Arts in the Mediterranean

Universidad de Barcelona



With regards to the Tourism Industry, gastronomy has become an asset and a reference over the last few years. At present, Spain has ascended towards a landmark of global trends, predominantly thanks to the awareness and leadership of its chefs. At the same time the food service sector has been targeting the optimization of its processes and the intensification of customer loyalty.

Food Culture and Culinary Arts in the Mediterranean is specially designed for students pursuing a degree in culinary arts as well as for those pursuing degrees in the social sciences and business. Students will deepen their understanding of food as art, as well as food as an expression of culture. This hands-on program allows for students to develop their technical and theoretical knowledge of gastronomic culture. Additionally, students who fulfill the requirements will have the opportunity to obtain a Certificate in Culinary Arts from CETT-University of Barcelona.

  • Undergraduate Students

  • Accreditation of languages: Level of English or Spanish (Intermediate-B2)


Courses are subject to changes.

Course Duration


International Welcome Session: 23/09/2020

28/09/2020 - 22/01/2021

Exam Period: from 7th to 22nd January 2021


International Welcome Session: 25/01/2021

27/01/2021 - 26/05/2021

Exam Period: from 10th to 26th May 2021