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Universidad de Barcelona



Tourism is regarded as one of the key business sectors for a vast majority of countries. Its role in the economy forces governments and especially businesses operating in tourism-related fields to continuously rethink their strategies to enhance their profitability. In this context, and in order for businesses to maintain their competitiveness, marketing and sales programs are increasingly gaining in importance. Therefore subject areas such as Revenue Management, Communication, Marketing and Sales Management have been further advanced and nowadays represent crucial operation units for enterprises in the tourism business. The program has the intention to successfully lead the participants through the different commercialization paths that are required by the current market situation. The instruments and methods to analyze and develop strategies stand in the center of the lectures so as to provide the necessary tools to adequately react to the need of every market.

Area of Study: Hospitality

Admission Profile
  • Undergraduate Students, Graduate Students or Young Professionals

  • Language Skills: Level of English - Intermediate (B1-B2)