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Universidad de Barcelona
Academic Offer
Reasons to study this master
Specialization within Official Master of Tourism Innovation Management
Call for applications: 01/10/2021

Reasons to study this master

  • It is the only accredited Masters in Spain which focuses on food tourism management, an area only a few centers are specialists in. CETT-UB’s 50 years ‘experience in the gastronomy sector are the best guarantee of high quality, expertise, contacts and vast knowledge of the sector.

  • It includes an extensive program of activities which will open the doors to the latest trends in food and wine tourism: you will visit the main food and wine destinations, attend product demos and learn about avantgarde cuisine with chef professors from our Bachelor’s Degree in Culinary and Gastronomic Sciences and you will attend the most important congresses and gastronomy trade fairs in Barcelona: Fórum Gastronómico, Alimentaria, B-Travel, etc.

  • You will be able to do your internship at companies and organizations that are part of the food tourism chain of value, that includes research centers such as Fundación Alicia, ODELA and the Catalan Board of Tourism, as well as tourism consultors and wine and food makers.

  • The teaching staff involved in the master’s are recognized professionals with proven experience in leading companies of the sector: César Cánovas, Best Sommelier of Spain 2002 & 2005, National Award in Gastronomy 2012 and one of the leaders of the Wineissocial project; or Damià Serrano, expert in wine tourism and Head of Marketing in Experiences and Research at the Catalan Board of Tourism among others.

  • Your Master’s Capstone Project will give you the chance to apply for a Scholarship awarded by the National Board of Tourism (Dirección General de Turismo in Spanish), a merit by Redintur, or being published on CETT-UB’s academic journals.

  • CETT-UB cutting-edge facilities will enable you to experience avantgarde cuisine firsthand: preparatory rooms, cooking workshops, technology rooms, demo rooms or the sensory rooms are modern and innovative spaces where you will be able to witness the latest creations in gastronomy.

  • This blended Master gives you great flexibility to organize your study schedule.

  • You can study anywhere you like.

  • You can communicate on a weekly basis with experts of the sector and get their feedback straight away.

  • The study program includes multiple learning methods that will help you further knowledge of essential aspects in hospitality and restaurant businesses in a fast and efficient way.

  • You will be guided by professors via individual tutoring sessions and regular monitoring by our experts’ team.

  • You can take a professional work placement with national and international companies during your studies or upon completing this master’s.

The blended nature of this course incorporates the best of traditional learning and of online learning. Its main advantages and added value are listed below:

Networking and establishing professional rapports

Greater interaction among program participants.

Online teaching boosts active participation because of the wide variety of digital tools that help communication and collaborative learning. Students and teaching staff will be able to exchange information constantly via forums, chats and synchronous online sessions. Interactive practice, online presentations, self-assessed assignments and other applications available at CETT Campus Virtual are at your service. Our teaching staff will always be involved in your learning process and available to quickly answer your queries.

Greater involvement of key players.

Key Hospitality and Restaurant directors and managers will share their expertise and will tell you how to apply the knowledge acquired during the master’s by using real life cases, dealing with your queries and concerns. Likewise, being in touch with these key players will help you establish professional rapports and expand your contacts network.

An International community.

Students taking this program come from all over the world and they all have different learning perspectives and unique realities, therefore, learning is enriched, and participants’ international contacts network expanded.

Personal and professional growth

Combining work and study.

You can both extend your knowledge and boost your professional profile at the same time. This blended course gives you the chance to organize your study time according to your needs and circumstances since you will be able to attend lectures from anywhere, access recorded material, take assignments, etc.

Better balance of work and family life. 

This blended course will allow students to balance family time with study time. Students will be able to shape their learning process and study pace according to their personal demands.

Unique opportunities to complete your work placement at internationally recognized hotels.

If you are a non-EU student, finished a Master’s and have not completed your professional work placement yet, or you would like to do an internship to enrich your curriculum, CETT will guide you and provide you with the necessary information to reach your professional dreams.


CETT Master’s students (either taking the blended program or the traditional program) who wish to do so, will be able to complete their work placement in Spanish companies up to two years after completing their master’s studies according to the 04/09/2018 Royal Decree Act 11/2018.

What do I need to do?

You will need to comply with all required paperwork to do your work practice. One compulsory requirement is obtaining a Foreign Resident Identification Number (NIE in Spanish) which must be done applying to Spanish migration authorities in Barcelona; CETT will help you with the application process. Do not hesitate, make the most if this chance to develop professionally in the unique tourism environment that Barcelona provides.

Cross-curricular competences

Improve your digital skills. This master’s encourages the use of digital tools which are key in the tourism area and it also enables you to learn cross-curricular digital skills. This combination helps develop useful digital skills which are key in any management area, besides being highly valued and in-demand in the current job market.