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Universidad de Barcelona
Academic Offer
Who is it for?
Specialization within Official Master of Tourism Innovation Management
Call for applications: 01/10/2021

Who is it for?

The specialization of Tourism Management of Culinary and Gastronomic Heritage within the master’s in Tourism Innovation Management focuses on the management of food tourism and replies to the need in the sector, for professional profiles who have great knowledge of innovation and tourism management that can help address an ever-changing environment to ensure sustainability of a given cultural or natural tourist destination.

The changes caused by digitalization processes, innovation, globalization and sustainability are particularly affecting the tourism sector and therefore, reshaping its bases whilst also giving ground to the appearance of new business models which are putting traditional business models under great pressure; the later need to strengthen their ability to adapt to constant change and develop key strategies to give appropriate answers.

This master’s is ideal for people who may need to gain or refresh knowledge of management, organization and planning for tourism accommodation and restaurant businesses, because they may be interested in learning about the latest trends and techniques, be promoted professionally or because they may need to create a sound contacts ‘network that can help broaden horizons.

The course program is specially designed for these student profiles:

Executives and staff in managerial posts

The current social and economic circumstances call for professionals in the sector to refresh and update their professional skills and knowledge, to be in tune with the latest trends and tools that affect their area of specialization.

Accommodation and/or Restaurant business owners

Business owners who wish to know more or improve their knowledge of strategies, techniques and tools for managing accommodation business.

University Graduates

University graduates with at least 2 years professional experience who wish to put their career on track and who also wish to expand their professional contacts within the tourism and hospitality sector.