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Universidad de Barcelona
Academic Offer
Program and subjects
Specialization within Official Master of Tourism Innovation Management

Program and subjects

60 European credits

Core subjects of the master (15 ECTS):

Tourism Innovation (3 ECTS)

  • Concept and Evolution.
  • Tourism Innovation Models.
  • Innovation as a Key for Tourism Development.
  • Organization and Management of Tourism Projects.

Strategic and Operational Marketing (3 ECTS)

  • The value and Brand Management.
  • Cultural Tourism Strategies.
  • The Cultural and Tourist Product.

Commercialization and Communication of Cultural Tourism (3 ECTS)

  • Creation and Structuring of the Cultural Tourism Offer.
  • Tourism Strategies for the Use of Heritage.
  • Commercialization and Strategies for the Generation of Income.
  • Techniques and Tools for Communication.

Tools for the Management and Organization of Tourism (6 ECTS)

  • Tourism Policy and Cultural Management.
  • Government Intervention in Tourism.
  • Indicators of the Use of Cultural Tourism Spaces.
  • Keys to Develop Heritage in Cultural Tourism Projects.

Specialization subjects (18 ECTS):

Illustrating Keys of the Natural and Cultural Heritage (9 ECTS)

  • Types of Heritage and Emerging Heritage.
  • Illustrating Keys of the Cultural Heritage.
  • Nature and Landscape as Heritage.
  • Illustrating Keys of the Natural Heritage.

Human mediation in heritage spaces (3 ECTS)

Museographic and digital experiences (6 ECTS)

Optional subjects for guidance (12 ECTS):

Research Path:

  • Research Methodology.
  • Research Tools and Application.

Professional Path:

  • Innovation Transfer and Application (Practicum)

Master's Final Project (12 ECTS):

This course aims to enable our students to analyze issues and tourism events through research methods and techniques appropriate in each case. It seeks to initiate the student in research methodology so that he/she can successfully plan and develop research in some aspect of the cultural and natural heritage or in the innovation in project management, and/or develop implementation and transfer plans in real companies.

Subjects defined as master's training complements:

  • Global Tourism 9 ECTS.

Total complements: 9 ECTS