Tourism Management of Natural and Cultural Heritage Specialization within Official Master of Tourism Innovation Management

Modality: Presencial
Lasting: 1 course (60 ECTS)
Languages: Spanish
Tuition fee from: 4757 €


Tourism, Culture and Leisure, combined properly, will become one of the main economic activities of our immediate future. Cultural Tourism has to become an unbeatable meeting point between the tourist and cultural sphere, and also between the private sector and the public sector.

This new social and business reality, regarding the natural and cultural heritage in the field of tourism and leisure, raises the convenience of opening channels of specialization of professionals in the sector , aimed at providing the knowledge and skills necessary to face the new demands of tourism activity with guarantees. In particular, it highlights the need for training a new type of specialist: the didactic mediator of the patrimony.

Its main function will be to involve Tourism agents with agents from the world of Heritage and Culture in order to meet their needs and strengthen their cooperation. This primordial role of linking Tourism and Culture as a new key leisure activity of the 21st century places mediators in a privileged position as basic actors to develop this function of interrelation between the two sectors. The mediators, therefore, may carry out their activity in companies and public and private organizations, both in the cultural and tourist areas.