Photography from: Introduction | Tourism Management of Urban Destinations
Universidad de Barcelona
Academic Offer
Specialization within Official Master of Tourism Innovation Management
Call for applications: October 2021


The specialization in Tourism Management of Urban Destinations within the CETT-UB Masters in Tourism Innovation Management will help students enhance the tourist experience of any city or town, by applying the latest management and urban planning techniques through innovation, sustainability and the ability to tailor to the demands of new travelers.

For an urban tourist destination to succeed, merely placing value to its heritage assets is not enough. Coordinating tourist flows, creating new products, efficient managing of events, congresses and meetings, designing special urban itineraries, managing public safety or mediating in conflict between residents and visitors are only a few of the many challenges that tourism professionals must address strategically, responsibly and respectfully. This Masters will show you how to measure the tourist capacity of a destination in order to plan ahead and come up with measures that foster sustainable tourism and how to create innovative and competitive tourist experiences following the latest trends.

Find out how cities such as London, New York or Rio de Janeiro have become smart cities and how to make creative proposals that can transform cities into more appealing destinations!

Key elements of this study program:

Blended and module-based learning including a one-month work placement at companies in Barcelona so you can live the experience to the full and make the most of this Master.

70% of the course will be taught online and 30% will be face-to-face (3 hours of real time teaching plus 15 hours of tutored work a week) so you can organize study times according to your needs.

Learn actively, using different learning methods that enhance the learning of managerial skills and your personal growth.

You will be able to get in touch with international professionals and experts through expert talks and visits to companies.

The course opens the doors to doing an internship in tourism companies.