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Universidad de Barcelona
Academic Offer
Specialization within Official Master of Tourism Innovation Management


60 European credits (ECTS)

Core subjects of the master (15 ECTS):

Tourism Innovation (3 ECTS):

  • Concept and Evolution.
  • Tourism Innovation Models.
  • Innovation as a Key for Tourism Development.
  • Organization and Management of Tourism Projects.

Strategic and Operational Marketing (3 ECTS):

  • Citymarketing, Brand Management of the City
  • Strategies to Promote the Tourist Cities.
  • Marketing Plan for Urban Destinations.
  • Tourism Management for Cities.

Tourism Commercialization and Communication (3 ECTS):

  • The Tourist and Cultural Urban Offer. From Resources to Products.
  • The Definition of Models and Strategies of Urban Tourism Development
  • The Promotion and Commercialization of the Destination: the City Brand.
  • Maintenance of Competitiveness of the Urban Tourist Destination

Tools for the Management and Organization of Tourism (6 ECTS):

  • Setting and Actor Elements of the Tourist Destination.
  • Techniques and Tools for the Creation of the Tourist Experience.
  • From the Customized Map and Guidance to ICT in Tourism.
  • Models of Management and Development of Urban Tourism.

Specialization subjects (21 ECTS):

Metropolis and Tourism. Fundamentals and Features of Urban Tourism (9 ECTS):

  • The Concepts of Tourism and Territory.
  • New Trends and New Tourist Sites.
  • Tangible and Intangible Resources.
  • Integration of Tourism in the City.
  • The Behaviour, Profiles and Trends in Urban Tourism Demand.
  • The Historical Charm of the Cities.

Territorial Planning and Development Strategies in Urban Tourist Destinations (9 ECTS):

  • Planning of the Territory and Tourism Activity. General Principles.
  • Public Administration and Tourism Management. From UNWTO to Local Government.
  • Relationship Cities and Tourism. Assessment Techniques for Problems and Conflict.
  • The Tourist Flow Management in the City: Tourism Accessibility and Mobility.
  • Conflicts, Issues and Impacts between the Urban and Tourist Factor. Spaces to Manage.
  • The Management of Urban Space and of Heritage Elements.
  • Keys to Success and Survival of Urban Tourist Destinations.


Professional Path

  • Innovation application and transfer (Practicum).

Research Path

  • Research Methodology
  • Research Tools and Application.

Master's Final Project (12 ECTS):

This course aims to enable our students to analyze issues and tourism events through research methods and techniques appropriate in each case. It seeks to initiate the student in research methodology so that he/she can successfully plan and develop research in some aspect of the managing urban tourist destinations or in the innovation in project management, and/or develop implementation and transfer plans in real companies.