Tourism Management of Urban Destinations Specialization within Official Master of Tourism Innovation Management

Modality: Presencial
Lasting: 1 course (60 ECTS)
Languages: Spanish
Tuition fee from: 4757 €


The aim of the official master in Tourism Management of Urban Destinations is to prepare professionals expert in the management of Urban Tourism. Currently, urban destinations are the main recipients of Tourism in the world, both small towns and big metropolises offer a great variety of tourism products and services tailored to all types of claims, constituting the ultimate stage of the 21st century Tourism. Cities such as New York, Paris, London, Istanbul, Barcelona or Rio de Janeiro just to mention a few models of success, now become an icon and a tourist attraction for any citizen of the world.

Likewise, the knowledge, culture and human civilization are eminently urban. The city is on the one hand, a large stage where monumental and architectural heritage combines with a rich cultural imagination and lifestyles -a way of life- able to attract and entice thousands of visitors. The city becomes, on the other hand, the place or meeting point where the traveller or the tourist can discover in very little time as many experiences and emotions.

The city gathers museums, cultural centres and artistic events of all kinds. It is a meeting point and an ideal framework for major events and congresses, political meetings and professional as well as corporate meetings. The town is the venue for business Tourism, shopping, health and beauty, gastronomical Tourism and framework for the most diverse tourist experiences.

This increasing expansion of Urban Tourism requires competent professionals who command the factors contributing to the success of each destination. That is, we need experts in managing flows, creation and diversification of Tourism products, attraction and event management of conferences and meetings, experts in designing city tours, in tourist mobility, in public safety management, resolution or minimizing conflicts of resident-tourist coexistence, among many other professional profiles related to the management of Urban Tourism.

All this is addressed in the master of Innovation Management of Urban Destinations, from the study of the characteristics of the urban destination (location, situation, history, heritage, monumentality, culture, idiosyncrasies, lifestyle and tourism infrastructure provision) to the specific problems of the management of the destination (governance, urban environment, sustainability, mobility, security). The master also counts on the added value of first hand knowing the factors that contribute to the success of a destination city like Barcelona, without neglecting, however, the knowledge of other successful models worldwide, from small cities to large metropolises.