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Alimara University Hotel

Can you imagine studying on a university campus with an integrated hotel where you can apply everything you learn?

This is what the Alimara University Hotel offers, located on CETT Campus, an essential space for developing training, research, and knowledge transfer in the areas of tourism, hospitality, and gastronomy.

With a 4-star rating and 156 rooms, this hotel offers meeting rooms, gardens, and an excellent gastronomic offer. It is the first of its kind in Spain to merge a hotel and academic environments, where you will have the opportunity to experience in a practical way the knowledge acquired in CETT's educational programs.

Hotel Alimara CETT

But what exactly is a university hotel?

This pioneering hotel, inspired by university hospitals, aims to positively impact the education of future professionals in the tourism and hospitality sectors through applied, experiential, and practical learning. In addition, it contributes to your personal and professional development and the sustainable and responsible growth of the industry through innovative projects that can serve as trendsetters in the market.

4I Model

Inspire the journey: you will inspire the customer journey and participate in improving the customer experience at the hotel.

Impact the society and the industry: you will be part of a dynamic and active innovation ecosystem to generate positive changes on an industry and societal scale.

Impulse: we have reinvented internships to get you off the ground. We offer you a working environment of the hotel to live your first real-life experience, where you can put your learning to the test and make it the gateway you need for your break into the world of work.

Innovate through knowledge: you will be able to develop projects in the hospitality and tourism field, promote a culture of constant creative improvement and make real changes in a flagship hotel in Barcelona.

Hotel Universitario Alimara

Alimara Lab

Alimara University Hotel has a permanent research laboratory known as Alimara Lab. This laboratory is a space for experimentation of new technologies, services, and procedures for the hotel industry, dedicated to applied research. Here joint projects are carried out with tourism companies, research on topics relevant to the sector, training, and education of professionals, and promoting innovation in the tourism sector.

Alimara Lab has its research group for research, innovation, and development for the ongoing improvement of the hotel industry, where you will be able to participate in projects to:

  • Improve the customer experience.
  • Increase the efficiency of the establishment.
  • Promote sustainability through technology.
  • Pilot test and prototype new products and services before launching them.
  • Promote social inclusion programs, support education, social responsibility, and inclusion with local communities.

What else can you do at Hotel Alimara?

At Alimara University Hotel, you will not only be able to participate in these unique learning and research opportunities, but you will also be able to develop your full potential in an environment of genuine experimentation. Depending on the specialization of your studies, you will have the opportunity to focus on what interests you most to become a pioneering professional in the tourism and hotel sector:

Hotel Alimara CETT

Real application projects: you will develop projects with the potential to be applied in the hotel as a pilot test or short-lived design experiences to study the degree of guest satisfaction in areas such as sustainability, events, the commercial department, guest service, or the gastronomic experience.

Take-off Program: we reinvent internships, giving you a boost with a program that will elevate your professional future. We offer you professional stays in the hotel, framed in strategic improvement projects, with the coaching of CETT faculty and professionals from Hotel Alimara.

Training: you will be the protagonist of educational innovation projects devised by hotel professionals and CETT's faculty. You will also benefit from the publications and teaching materials developed by the school's researchers, which will be added to the academic offer and contribute to divulgating knowledge in tourism and hotel management.

R+D+I: You will participate in innovation projects in conjunction with tourism companies, and by offering our experience in research and developing new products and services, we can energize the sector and create more opportunities for your professional future.

Entrepreneurship: do you have a business in mind? We will provide you with a business incubator, and you can participate in networking activities and thematic conferences. In our Social Hub, we will create a meeting place for students, professionals, entrepreneurs, and active members of the social fabric.

The Alimara University Hotel provides you with an opportunity for holistic development, offering an active learning experience with unique spaces and methodologies which will enrich your academic and professional life. Take advantage of this exceptional environment to put your knowledge into practice, collaborate on innovative projects and prepare yourself to stand out in the tourism and hotel sector as a groundbreaking professional.