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With Spanish baccalaureate studies


Students in possession of a Spanish baccalaureate certificate who want to access any of the Bachelor’s Degrees offered by EUHT CETT-UB will have to do so using the University Access Portal during the established terms.


The preregistration as well as the registration procedures for the University Entrance Exams (PAU) will be done through the University Access Portal. All the information about PAU can be checked at the Generalitat de Catalunya’s University Admissions Portal or, alternatively, going to:

Oficina d’Accés a la Universitat

Via Laietana, 2, planta baixa

08003 Barcelona

Tel. (+34) 932 230 323 – 932 232 591

or contact via email.


Students have to complete the pre-enrollment procedure using the University Access Portal so they can be assigned a place to their desired studies. In the pre-enrollment application students need to state their preferences sorted by priority. The codes from the EUHT CETT-UB formations are:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Tourism (Hotel Management, Tourism Management or Digital Tourism Business Management): 11011
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Tourism. Taught in English. (Hotel Management, Tourism Management or Digital Business Management): 11086
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Culinary and Gastronomic Sciences : 91907
  • Bachelor's Degree in Digital Business and Tourism Innovation 11102.

Pre-enrollment dates:

Consult the calls for February, June and September in the Canal Universitats.


Admitted students will receive an email from the center to confirm their place allocation. The EUHT CETT-UB Secretarial Department will use the email address that students provided in the pre-enrollment form. Students need to check that this email does not get filed into the spam, social or promotions inboxes. Through this notification, students will be asked to sign up for any of the enrollment sessions that will be held so they can complete this procedure. They will also be informed about the course development as well as what documents they will have to bring to enroll.


Students who do not enroll during the established dates will LOSE THE PLACE THEY WERE ASSIGNED.