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Short Term Programs


CETT-UB offers Short-Term Programs during the months of January - Winter School, and July - Summer School. They have been developed in the fields of Business, Tourism, and Hospitality, as well as General Culture, Sociology and Gastronomy. Top priority is given to current affairs. All programs include in-company visits, field trips, and additional training activities. Programs are instructed in English or Spanish and designed for international and local students, as well as young professionals and professors.

2 modalities of duration: 3 or 4 weeks. In the 4-week modality program, apart from the classes, students have to develop a Final Project. At the end of the program students receive an official transcript, which reflects the courses enrolled, ECTS credits, contact hours, and final grade. ECTS credits are awarded upon the successful completion of the program.

Photography from: Short Term Programs | CETT