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5 tips to work during lockdown

5 tips to work during lockdown

Following recommendations from the authorities, the entire CETT community is either studying or working from home. Here you will find some tips to handle this situation a bit better:

1. Create a routine. You should try to have a similar Schedule to the schedule you had when you were working or studying. This will help you allocate clear time slots to specific tasks. Set yourself clear daily goals, take breaks during your working day and don’t skip meals.

2. Maintain personal habits. You should try to maintain some kind of personal routine too; it is too tempting to spend your day in your pajamas. This may seem comfortable but to avoid all days feeling the same, changing clothes on a daily basis is highly recommended. In any case, make sure such clothes are also comfortable!

3. Create a cozy work environment. It is important to have a comfortable, quiet, well equipped and lit workspace. If possible, avoid common family home spaces to avoid disruption.

4. Check your posture in front of your computer. When we are on-task we tend to spend many hours in front of the computer. These days, because of the lockdown we cannot leave our homes, therefore, we must pay more attention to our sitting posture; so, standing up regularly and pausing to stretch becomes paramount.

5. Look after your mind and body. Working from home can make you feel lonely, but you can still be in touch with your colleagues using social networks or other online channels. Avoid binging on information since we are constantly receiving news and messages. Find time to switch off and try to exercise to refresh your mind. A healthy lifestyle will also help but avoid frequent trips to the fridge!

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