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The changes that are here to stay

The changes that are here to stay

Our current circumstances are posing a tremendous challenge and are also causing many changes which undoubtedly are here to stay. We have had to transform and totally change our routines, but such upheaval can also open the way to new opportunities. At a recent conference organized by Turijobs, Melissa Torres, CETT’s Head of Career Services mentioned all those elements that have gained importance and the skills our communities have unknowingly developed in this new reality.

Torres mentioned how “probably we have come to realize how important and valuable people and jobs who had become invisible, really are”. She continued “We have opened up to expressing emotions and we are more willing to express what we feel being under lockdown for over a month whilst working non-stop, helping others or trying to keep calm and optimistic despite knowing there are likely to be layoffs in our companies”.

Creativity, solidarity and the ability for professional reinvention both individually or as a company in order to help others have been the focus of our attention; at an individual level, these convulse times have permitted some people to recuperate past hobbies and pastimes. Torres believes that the current circumstances are helping develop abilities such as “creativity, cooperation, self-teaching, stress-management, planning, time-management and digital skills”.

These are times when perseverance and tenacity are key to overcome the challenges posed by the pandemic. According to Torres “right now we may still have a chance to show ourselves that we can improve our determination, resilience, empathy, communicative and leadership skills”.

During the conference, the Head of CETT Career Services also mentioned ways to develop other key skills and abilities and the opportunities she foresees for the future.


You can watch Melissa Torres’ full conference here “Taking up the reins of a new dawn: changes that are here to stay”.