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Cross-Cultural Management training, essential for tourism professionals


We live in a globalized world in which talent and relationships know no boundaries. In our daily lives, different languages, cultures, and ways of thinking and behaving constantly meet and interact. It may seem obvious, but we need to be aware of other people who do not share the same context and have not lived through the same life experiences.

CETT, a center with a clear international vocation, aims to raise awareness and sensitize the CETT community and provide students with the necessary skills to develop in a global environment. For this reason, the center offers practical training sessions in Cross-Cultural Management, that is, training in intercultural management aimed at both students and teachers and employees of CETT.

Effectively managing multicultural teams or working with clients from different cultures are some of the lessons learned during the training

Managing effectively and adequately multicultural and diverse teams, as well as relationships with clients and markets from different cultures; understanding how cultural backgrounds and experiences shape the way we see the world, and better understanding cultural norms, values, and behaviors of other cultures are some of the lessons learned and objectives of the course.

Our undergraduates of the Tourism Degree have participated in the first session. Through practical activities, they have been able to identify prejudice towards other cultures and communities and test themselves in managing complex situations.

Bruno Circuns Gómez, a student of the Tourism Degree, explains that it is an essential course for the world of tourism and adds that "it teaches you that, in reality, there are cultural differences and how difficult it can be to adapt." "However different we are, there is always something that unites us," he assures. 

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