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Ara, Revista de Investigación en Turismo

The main objective of the Ara journal is to be a communication channel for academic publications. Ara invites researchers from all academic disciplines around the world to contribute to this objective. Especially welcome are studies which concern tourism in the Caribbean region in the widest sense of the term, which means all countries of the American continent bordering the Caribbean Sea. Studies which focus on other regions of the world and which situation or cases may be applicable in the Caribbean will also be considered for publication.

The journal accepts manuscripts in English and Spanish. After having successfully passed the double blind review process, the articles will be published in the language of the original manuscript. The Abstract should be provided in both languages.

Through the publication of articles and studies focused on scientific and practical research, the journal aims at deepening, spreading and promoting the understanding of the existing relationship networks between tourism and the sustainable development of societies.

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Created in 2018 with the aim of sharing academic knowledge on cultural and heritage tourism, it has a high presence of CETT researchers in its editorial team.

This scientific journal is published through the platform for scientific journals of the University of Barcelona and is published by the Research Group on Tourism, Culture and Territory

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