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Cuisine and Gastronomy Research Group

The Cuisine and Gastronomy Research Group of the CETT Barcelona School of Tourism, Hospitality and Gastronomy study gastronomy from our everyday life to haute cuisine. Gastronomy is the science that studies the art of preparing a good meal, from the raw material to understand what is happening during cooking to the design of the final preparation. The activities focus on studying culinary and gastronomic sciences from three main blocks: sustainability, innovation, and gastronomic health. The holistic vision of gastronomy can share the following three lines of research in a transversal way:

GRCiG is part of the Tourism, Hospitality and Gastronomy Research Group (TURHOGA), recognized as an Emerging Research Group by the Agency for the Management of University and Research Grants of the Generalitat de Catalunya, with file number 2021-SGR -00939.

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Research Lines

Sustainable Gastronomy

One out of every three kilograms of food produced is lost or wasted, which implies a problem of economic efficiency and generates an environmental and social impact.

In this line of research, culinary techniques and processes are developed to revalue the products derived from food waste and inedible parts to transform them into new products and ingredients. At the same time, we promote a circular and sustainable economy, giving added value to these products.

Keywords: food waste, circular economy, natural resources, synergies, synergies.

Innovation and Creativity in Gastronomy

The gastronomy sector is changing and is evolving towards an area where technology merges with tradition through creativity and innovation.

Innovation and creativity allow ideas to be transformed into new products, processes, or services by using new techniques and ingredients.

Keywords: haute cuisine, experiences, vegan products, gastronomic revolution, textures.

Culinary Medicine

Culinary Medicine is born from the fusion of two vast disciplines: gastronomy and health. The importance of this combination lies in the fact that gastronomy, both from a sensory and nutritional point of view, plays a vital role in people's quality of life.

Therefore, this line of research aims to generate knowledge about the relationship between gastronomy and health to value the role of gastronomy in the improvement of our living conditions.

Keywords: sensory alterations, food intolerances, visual perceptions, nutritional requirements.


Research Reports

The CETT's Cuisine and Gastronomy Research Group offers a visualization of the main lines of work of the group, as well as material related to studies and training projects. These actions are included in the following reports of the last courses:

Research Reports