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Plan de acción tutorial
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Plan de acción tutorial


The tutorial action plan (PAT) is a service for students whose main purpose is to offer personalized support to students in the fields of training, information and guidance beyond the content of academic subjects.


The main objective is the advice of the student from the moment of entering the university world, monitoring their development, planning their studies until their professional orientation. This action is directed by teachers / tutors who contribute to a global education that is essential to develop and review their academic, professional and personal aspirations.

The performance of the teacher / tutor becomes convenient in order to take advantage of the training period of the students to provide personalized attention tailored to their unique circumstances, needs and characteristics that allow them to lay the foundations of their learning.


The tutoring model is developed in a framework of integral education that promotes the global development of the student in all its dimensions: intellectual, emotional, personal and social.

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