Photography from: Concentration | Bachelor's Degree in Culinary & Gastronomic Sciences
Universidad de Barcelona
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Call for applications: September 2021


The Haute Cuisine, ** the Food Industry** and Communities, with their particularities, constitute two pillars and referents of the culinary and gastronomic sector.

In this sense, the structuring of this degree with these concentrations responds to the changes and needs detected, and in particular, allows to put on the market a high-level title that will allow industry professionals to acquire the skills and knowledge specific to the related sectors; through the combination of a highly practical approach, academic excellence and learning from, towards and for the sector.


  • Develop experimenting sensitivity about the expressive possibilities and approaches of creative cuisine.
  • Providing the integral knowledge of the products elaborated and not elaborated, from the scientific-technological, culinary and gastronomic point of view.
  • Provide the necessary knowledge to create innovative food products with the most appropriate culinary process and applying the quality, health and food legislation standards required.
  • Provide specific knowledge of the enology sector to be applied in the field of tourism and gastronomy.
  • Promote the interaction between different areas of knowledge in the development of the same culinary project.

The objective of this mention is to provide the student with the necessary skills to:

  • Develop innovative food products with the most appropriate culinary process and applying the standards of quality, health and food legislation required.
  • Develop innovation projects with optimal results to cover the needs of the sector and that comply with the requirements of established legality and fulfilling healthy objectives.
  • Analyze the market and provide products appropriate to the existing demand by detecting possible market opportunities.
  • Develop new ingredients that respond to specific production needs.
  • Design the gastronomic offer adequate to meet the needs appropriate for groups with specific food requirements.