Photography from: Methodology | Bachelor's Degree in Culinary & Gastronomic Sciences
Universidad de Barcelona
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Call for applications: September 2021


The degree's teaching and learning methodology follows a pedagogical paradigm based on the experience.


This involves placing students at the core of any training action and taking into consideration their needs, interests and learning concerns. Therefore, students are the key element around which the various teaching methods are designed always respecting students’ different learning paces and that contribute to their learning continuous assessment. This training model combines different teaching strategies in which both the theoretical and the practical and technical application of knowledge are essential. Thus, training on Culinary and Gastronomic Sciences per se requires being able to experiment and put learning into practice, making progress and building a solid theoretical and practical base so that students can undertake successful professional development.


To develop this mixed methodology where theory and practice complement each other, onsite facilities and premises are equipped to favour the most appropriate learning and teaching methods. Among them, cooking rooms, sensory workshops, laboratories, workshops where students play a key role.


Carrying out this training model means to offer students a high number of different training experiences. For this reason students attend lectures by renowned professionals in the culinary and gastronomic field, as well as visits to food related industries, offering students the opportunity to participate in groups of study, research and development of expert knowledge in gastronomy, where they can develop their expertise , while working on their interpersonal skills.


Finally, it should be noted that the degree methodology takes into account both the specific and transversal skills and the various teaching and learning actions have been designed to help students achieve and consolidate the above mentioned skills.