Photography from: Senior Capstone Project (SCP) | Bachelor's Degree in Culinary & Gastronomic Sciences
Universidad de Barcelona
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Senior Capstone Project (SCP)
Call for applications: September 2021

Senior Capstone Project (SCP)

Senior Capstone Project (SCP) represents the culmination of learning ** of the degree in culinary and gastronomic sciences and is indispensable in order to achieve the degree, as contemplated in the Curriculum.

This work is a link between his academic life and his professional life. And this is so because the main objective of the same is that the student is given to receive knowledge of the sector to provide him, for the first time, as an observer and connoisseur of a reality.

The Senior Capstone Project (SCP) reflects the competences acquired, as well as its application and its development. It is a research or application work in which the students, based on their professional interests and motivations, deepen in some aspect of the specialization chosen:

  • High cuisine management and gastronomic innovation
  • Culinary management and innovation in the food industry and collectivities

It is recommended that the TFG be linked to the student's mention. The link with the mention is obligatory in the cases of TFG's linked to the business field. The different potentialities of the students in their training for the development of a research work and the same structure and organization of the GCCG justify the need to make different types of TFG available to the student:

SCP's tipologies SCP Orientation
Linked to research groups Research Orientation
Linked to public or private institutions through an Educational Collaboration Agreement Professional Orientation
Entrepreneurship project as an initiative of the student linked to the research line of the CETT Research Groups Professional Orientation
Student's initiative linked to the research lines of the CETT Research Groups Research Orientation