Photography from: Bachelor's degree in Digital Business and Tourism Innovation | CETT-UB Bachelor's Degree

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Call for applications: September 2022

Our Bachelor's Degree in Digital Business and Innovation in Tourism at CETT-UB will allow you to take the definitive step to start your professional career. Throughout your studies, you will learn and live vital experiences to create, manage and transform tourism, hospitality, and gastronomic companies and implement systems and tools for the smart management of tourist destinations.

Imagine being able to combine studies in tourism and digital business and or learning in a school with its hotel, restaurant, and students' hall of residence. A center that would also be the meeting point for students, experts in the tourism sector, and customers. Shape up your future and study with us the Degree in Digital Business and Innovation in Tourism!

Thanks to the know-how you will acquire throughout the Degree, you will participate in the sector's digitization and create new tourism products and experiences. Companies and organizations in the tourism sector need highly qualified professionals to lead their innovation and digital transformation processes.

This CETT-UB Degree transforms you:

● You will learn, directly with the best experts in the tourism sector and digital business, the entrepreneurial and technological vision for the direction and intelligent management of tourism companies and destinations in the digital environment.

● You will develop your business project during the Degree. You will be able to test it directly in our own companies and our facilities' learning and experimentation laboratories. These companies are the Hotel Alimara, the Ágora BCN International University Residence, and the Summum Restaurant.

● You will access the forefront of digital transformation in tourism. In addition to the different subjects of the program, the Degree includes an extensive program of company visits, expert talks, and attendance at events that will allow you to experience the tourism industry firsthand.

● You will take a big step in your professional career, thanks to contacting the sector's reality through your own companies and the close relationship with the business fabric.

● You will have an experiential learning system based on the resolution of real cases and problems with the collaboration of companies and partners of CETT-UB.

● You will have access to a wide range of internship placements thanks to more than 900 agreements between CETT-UB and national and international companies.

●You will have at your disposal the resources of the UB, the CETT and the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO).

●Find more reasons to study this program.

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The Degree in Digital Business and Innovation in Tourism has a 100% practical, applied and real learning system. You will be the center of the whole process and you will learn thanks to your active participation in the different activities. It also incorporates new content focused on digital tourism, but also oriented to the development of entrepreneurial or intrapreneurial projects.


The degree has two specialization routes also named mentions. The mentions will allow you to go deeper into different areas according to your interests and motivations. Thanks to these specializations, you will improve your future employability as well as a much more competitive and better valued professional profile among companies and organizations in the sector.

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This Degree focuses on the impact of new technologies on tourism businesses and organizations. Both when creating and designing new projects and when adapting and transforming existing ones.

Thanks to the comprehensive set of subjects and activities of our Degree, you will be prepared to participate in the tourism sector's digitization. You will know how to adapt to technology's constant evolution to generate new tourism products and experiences.


  • You will develop the key competencies to lead innovation and digital transformation processes in tourism.

  • You will acquire the digital mindset with a complete vision of marketing, communication, and tourism consumers. This will allow you to connect with different types of people and generate high-impact tourism experiences.

  • You will develop a dual profile, highly demanded by companies in the sector to improve their competitiveness, with knowledge of the tourism business and digital technologies.

  • You will be dedicated to the tourism industry and digitalization, essential economic activities globally, and with very high growth forecasts in the coming years.

  • You will work in a critical sector that connects cultures, countries, and people, making it easier to enjoy the world's beauty, richness, and diversity. At the same time, this sector allows you to cultivate relationships, share emotions, and generates happiness.

  • You will help create life experiences based on cultures, landscapes, and flavors, opening the door to emotions and personal growth.


  • This Bachelor's Degree has faculty with an outstanding and proven track record in digital marketing, innovation, sustainability, and smart tourism.
  • You will learn about the latest trends in digital transformation in tourism. Throughout your studies, you will have the opportunity to attend events, visit companies and participate in conferences of professionals in the sector so that you can experience the tourism industry firsthand.
  • You will collaborate on projects with companies and organizations in the sector, such as Vodafone, Barcelona City Council, La Roca Village, etc.
  • You will visit tourism fairs such as IBTM, Smart Tourism Congress CETT Barcelona, 4YFN, Mobile World Congress, or B-Travel.
  • You will enhance your professional and personal development. CETT-UB occupies the 4th position in the ranking of employability in Catalonia.
  • You will gain recognition in the sector for your transversal competencies and management skills.
  • You will establish close ties with the business sector and local tourism administrations.


  • You will create your own company from the third and fourth year of the Degree. This way, you will take responsibility for your professional and managerial growth while integrating all the necessary aspects for your initiative's success.
  • You will have the personalized help of the teaching team and industry professionals associated with CETT-UB, who will mentor your business project.
  • You will be able to develop your own company or help a real company with an innovative project.
  • You will be able to use CETT's own companies as learning and experimentation laboratories for your ideas, projects, or prototypes, testing them to identify areas for improvement. These companies are the Hotel Alimara, the Ágora BCN International University Residence, and the Summum Restaurant.


  • It is the only official Bachelor's Degree in Spain on tourism companies and organizations' digital development. You will get a unique official degree issued by the University of Barcelona and CETT, with international academic and professional recognition.
  • You will be able to choose between **two specialization itineraries **according to your interests and motivations. You will choose to specialize in the development of new tourism business models, or you will focus your career on the smart management of tourism destinations in accordance with technology, innovation, and sustainability.
  • You will benefit from CETT and the UB's prestige, with 50 years of trajectory and recognized experience in the sector.

It is highly advisable to have completed a baccalaureate in science and technology or humanities and social sciences to access the degree.

Suppose you come from a higher vocational training technical degree. In that case, you should have studied programs linked to the professional families of hospitality and tourism, commerce and marketing, business administration and management, information technology, or communications.

The recommended applicant profile for future students of the Degree is:

  • Empathy and willingness to work in a team.
  • To have a high ethical sense.
  • To have analytical and organizational skills.
  • To have critical and reflective capacity.
  • Have a good level of languages, essential for training and your professional career.
  • Be able to study the dynamics of the sector internationally.

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Photography from: Bachelor's degree in Digital Business and Tourism Innovation | CETT-UB Bachelor's Degree


Photography from: Bachelor's degree in Digital Business and Tourism Innovation | CETT-UB Bachelor's Degree
Photography from: Bachelor's degree in Digital Business and Tourism Innovation | CETT-UB Bachelor's Degree


Photography from: Bachelor's degree in Digital Business and Tourism Innovation | CETT-UB Bachelor's Degree


Photography from: Bachelor's degree in Digital Business and Tourism Innovation | CETT-UB Bachelor's Degree



The Degree is structured in four academic years. Each Year you will complete 60 ECTS. In the 3rd and 4th years, you will study the subjects corresponding to the specializations, also called majors. Throughout this period, the learning process has been designed as an experiential journey that will improve your professional profile by acquiring different vital competencies.

itinerary of the bachelo'rs degree with its specialties

This academic itinerary is composed of eight learning stages:

  1. Understanding the foundations and principles of the digital environment in tourism
  2. Understanding the impact of disruptive technologies
  3. Create a business idea with different methodologies
  4. Design a tourism product or service
  5. Design the digital marketing strategy
  6. Identify the necessary sources of investment
  7. Understanding the importance of data for decision-making.
  8. Develop an entrepreneurial spirit
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Your specialization will allow you to study more specific topics to gain experience and knowledge. The specialization you take will also appear on your official degree, as you have acquired the associated professional competencies. Within the degree, you will be able to specialize by taking the following specializations:


The study program of this degree is structured in four academic years, with 60 ECTS credits each. The first two academic years cover core areas for all students. The last two are dedicated to your chosen specialization.

After completing your studies in the Degree in Digital Business and Innovation in Tourism at CETT-UB, you will be able to work in four areas of application in tourism destinations, organizations and companies:

  • Startups in the tourism sector or that will provide services to the tourism sector.
  • Technology-based companies that provide services to companies in the tourism sector.
  • Tourism product and service design companies.
  • Intermediation companies (travel agencies, wholesalers, retailers, reservation centers...)
  • Tourist accommodations (hotels, rural hotels, spas, Paradores, etc.)
  • Recreational and cultural companies (theme parks, shows, museums.)
  • Catering companies (restaurant chains.)
  • Transportation companies (airlines, passenger shipping.)
Ámbitos de aplicación del Grado de Tecnología aplicada al turismo

More specifically, when you finish your specialization, you will be able to work as a:

  • Project manager in tourism companies (E-Commerce, digital marketing, digital communication, smart cities)
  • Innovation manager in the tourism company.
  • Customer Experience Manager
  • Designer of digital experiences and tourism platforms.
  • Designer of new tourism business models.
  • Web and App developer
  • Tourism web analyst technician
  • Consultant for the development of infrastructures, products, and services in smart destinations.
  • Analyst and manager of tourism knowledge in the destination
  • Intra-entrepreneur in tourism sector companies.

In addition, you will always have the Career Services department at your disposal to help you in your professional development, come and visit us, we are on the second floor of the Campus.

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