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Student Services

Call for applications: September 2022

CETT at your service

As a CETT student, you will enjoy all the advantages that the center has to offer:

  • Access to the Resource Center for learning and research:

    • Have access to CETT's own resources to reinforce, complete, and expand training. All information (both physical and digital) is available in the different spaces dedicated to this function.
    • Free access to the entire digital library of World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) resources.
    • The University of Barcelona has an extensive catalog of databases to consult documents, reports, and scientific articles.
  • As a center affiliated with the University of Barcelona, we enjoy the advantages of being part of the most prestigious university in Spain: UB Sports Services, We are UB Card.

  • Discounts at the University of Barcelona School of Modern Languages. Besides, thanks to the University of Barcelona University Card, you will enjoy promotions on products and services such as opticians, restaurants, technology, pharmacies, accommodation, travel, leisure activities, among others.

  • CETT has different restaurant services, such as the Fòrum or the Aula Restaurant CETT. The Fòrum is a space that favors creativity and cultural exchange among students. It has a varied, healthy, seasonal gastronomic offer that adapts to the day's different times. It is also possible to eat at the Aula Restaurant CETT, an à la carte restaurant with the same characteristics as an authentic gastronomic restaurant.

  • Be part of the CETT Alumni community to be in contact with CETT's extensive alumni network.

Masters 2020

Photography from: Student Services | Digital Business and Tourism Innovation


Photography from: Student Services | Digital Business and Tourism Innovation
Photography from: Student Services | Digital Business and Tourism Innovation


Photography from: Student Services | Digital Business and Tourism Innovation


Photography from: Student Services | Digital Business and Tourism Innovation


  • Discount at ÀGORA BCN International University Residence. We are the only higher education tourism center with a student residence to stay here while you study. As a CETT student, you will have unique conditions. Do not hesitate to ask!


Photography from: Student Services | Digital Business and Tourism Innovation
Residencia Ágora BCN
Photography from: Student Services | Digital Business and Tourism Innovation
Residencia Ágora BCN
Photography from: Student Services | Digital Business and Tourism Innovation
Residencia Ágora BCN
Photography from: Student Services | Digital Business and Tourism Innovation
Residencia Ágora BCN
Photography from: Student Services | Digital Business and Tourism Innovation
Residencia Ágora BCN


At CETT we are committed to creating a learning context that consolidates our own training model, with high added value resources oriented to experience, experimentation, sharing and learning, in a unique Campus.

Our students have access to different multipurpose learning spaces: the Eidos Space, La Plaça, the Creativity and Innovation Space, the Computer Classrooms or the Reception Classroom, among others.

In addition, if you are an international student, you will also have access to the International Relations Office, which will help and advise you with the procedures you need.



Because we understand the challenge of living in an environment that is not your own, the CETT-UB Campus offers you the International Relations Office (IRO), as an area designed to provide guidance, advice, and attention to international students during the Master's programs.

Our International Relations team will give you the necessary information related to logistical aspects of life in Barcelona, such as residency registration, the processing of your foreign resident's identity number (NIE), or how to find accommodation in the city.


The IRO team will provide you with updated information on the necessary procedures to carry out once you are in the city. They will provide you with guidance on essential documents such as your foreign resident's identity number (NIE), the official census at the City Council, or your university student card.


If your native language is not Spanish, the IRO team will advise how and where to learn it. They will also tell you where to learn Catalan, facilitating your integration into the city's daily life. Besides, you will strengthen your Spanish through the certified courses offered by our Language Department at CETT-UB. On the other hand, if you want to practice any different language informally, you can participate for free in our language exchange program with CETT students.


CETT-UB is the only higher education center with a residence hall - Agora BCN, with affordable prices for the CETT student community. We also have our four-star hotel, Hotel Alimara, where you and your family and friends can enjoy advantages and discounts.


At CETT-UB, you have a team of expert professionals who will watch over your professional career from the moment you become part of our community.

We want you to be informed and prepared to achieve the professional goals you have set for yourself. With this motivation, you will find a team of people who will accompany you during the process in a personalized way.

Thanks to the collaboration of the leading companies in the tourism sector, you will learn and practice the most useful tools to access and develop yourself in the job market.

The service we put at your disposal is based on three fundamental pillars:

  • Continuous professional guidance focused on you, identifying your profile's strengths, analyzing your previous experience and training, and supporting us in your main motivations for growth.
  • Our close relationship with the leading players in the tourism sector, built up over more than 50 years of presence in the market, training professionals with highly sought-after skills and values.
  • Design and develop a whole range of activities, spaces for debate, and tools that we make available to you, enabling you to face any challenge you may encounter throughout your professional career.

In this way, we invite you to participate in a dynamic process adapted to your expectations that encompasses the following phases:

Definition of your professional milestones:

  • In-depth analysis of your entry profile.
  • Establishment of realistic objectives and monitoring of your roadmap.
  • Guidance in the design and development of your personalized Career Plan.

Design and elaboration of the main tools for the relationship with the labor market.

  • Review and correction of resumes and cover letters, adapting the professional objective to the market demands.
  • Letter of recommendation. Students who are in the selection process will be able to count on CETT-UB references.
  • Access to the primary research channels and access to internship and job opportunities:
  • Handling of offers and self-applications. We support you to make your profile more visible to companies and headhunters, giving you references for your application.
  • Application follow-up. We help you to know where your application is in the selection process.

Personalized coaching

  • Guidance on the search for employment opportunities
  • Simulation of job interviews and feedback on the aspects to improve
  • Competency-based interviews and mentoring for those profiles with difficulties in following the job search process or at risk of social exclusion
  • Preparation of presentations for you to learn first-hand about companies' needs to analyze the possibilities of short and medium-term linkage with an organization and exchange concerns with professionals of reference

Networking and Dynamization of activities:

  • Corporate presentations during your training period
  • Master Classes oriented to know strategic sectors
  • Dynamics and corporate challenges incorporated into your training sessions
  • Marketplaces and face-to-face/virtual job fairs where more than a hundred companies participate annually in the Campus in the personalized recruitment of talent.

Job Center with exclusive access to:

  • Over 900 internship opportunities managed annually.
  • More than 1,500 job opportunities annually.
  • Follow-up of applications submitted
  • Adaptation of customized curricula vitae and cover letters.

For more information, visit the Career Services area, contact us by email at, or you can also visit us on the second floor of the Campus.

Career Services

Career Services integrates a team of professionals that guide and help students throughout their degree and facilitates them contacting some of the best companies in the sector to favour their professional development towards a future job offer.


During your training period at CETT-UB, you will have the opportunity to do your internship in first-class companies and institutions, to apply and complement the knowledge acquired, and at the same time to promote the acquisition of skills that prepare them for the exercise of professional activities.

The internships have two modalities:

  • Curricular: linked to subjects of the program you are taking and that are part of its academic curriculum, therefore, mandatory.
  • Extracurricular: not included in the syllabus and are voluntary.

The internships are carried out through university-entrepreneur cooperation agreements and are supervised by expert subject professors.

CETT-UB will help you find the most suitable opportunities for your professional profile and your motivations among the more than 900 requests from companies we receive annually. Likewise, we will help you contact and accompany you in accessing the most attractive companies and institutions to your professional objectives.

As a differential feature to the market, the CETT-UB has its group of companies dedicated to training and offering quality hotel and tourism services so that you can apply this practical knowledge without leaving the Campus:

  • Hotel Alimara
  • Àgora Residence
  • Aula Restaurant
  • Summum Restaurant & Bar

For more information, visit the Career Services area, contact us by email at, or you can also visit us on the second floor of the Campus.

CETT-Alumni was born as the CETT-UB Alumni Association on March 1, 1994, as an initiative to offer a service to alumni, a space for personal and professional guidance, and a meeting point for experts in the tourism, gastronomy, and hospitality sector, with the CETT-UB as their common bond.

As an association of CETT-UB alumni, its primary mission is to promote the relationship between them, thus creating a network of professionals. Their shared link is to be CETT alumni.

The main objectives of CETT-Alumni are:

  • To promote the lifelong professional development of its associates at all levels and to favor access to the world of work, professional promotion, and lifelong learning. To foster creating a hub for exchanging knowledge and experiences among alumni, offering them the association as a meeting point in the professional world.
  • To facilitate knowledge and networking through conferences, lectures, colloquium dinners, and expert sessions. CETT Alumni wants to be a center of opinion and influence on the tourism environment.
  • To establish agreements with other organizations, favoring synergies that generate value for alumni.


CETT-UB is the only university tourism center that has a student residence, the Ágora BCN International University Residence. As a student of any of our degrees you will enjoy exclusive discounts so you can stay here while you study. Ask us without obligation. We also have our own four-star hotel, the Hotel Alimara, where you and your family members can enjoy advantages and discounts.



As part of our application companies we have our own four-star hotel, the Hotel Alimara. Located at the foot of the Collserola mountain range and within the CETT Campus itself, both you and your family members will be able to enjoy advantages and discounts.

Hotel Alimara