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Bachelor's degree in Tourism | 100% in English

Bachelor's degree in Tourism | 100% in English

Call for applications: September 2023

The CETT-UB Bachelor's degree in Tourism 100% in english is a unique opportunity to shape your future. Thanks to the set of knowledge and experiences that you will gain throughout your studies, you will lead and manage all kinds of companies in the tourism and hospitality sector. Imagine a school with its hotel and restaurant—a meeting place for professionals in the industry, students, and clients. Live CETT's experience. Shape your future and study with us for a Tourism Degree.

Tourism is one of the main economic sectors worldwide and especially in Spain. Despite the current economic and health crisis, the tourism sector demands profiles with multidisciplinary training in business management, leadership, economics, law, humanities, and languages. Companies need trained professionals to respond to the challenges that the sector must face, such as digitalization, sustainability, innovation, and responsible and ethical development.

As a CETT-UB Graduate in Tourism, you will be recognized for your ability to adapt to new situations and contexts, your versatility, and your versatility for the direction and management of companies in the tourism sector.


You will be able to pursue an international double degree in the U.S., France, or Finland in just four years.

You will be able to choose between 3 specializations (mentions) with official recognition. .

languages. We are the center with more teaching hours in different languages: English, French, German, Italian, Xinese, Russian and Spanish for international students.

More than 85% of our students find a job within three months of completing their degree

(Source: AQU).

agreements with collaborating companies

international agreements in 4 continents


CETT Methodology

100% pràctic, aplicat i real

és el sistema d'aprenentatge del Grau de Turisme del CETT es basa en combinar espais de treball individuals i espais de treball col.laboratius.

Alumne al centre

Tu seràs el centre de tot el procés educatiu i formatiu. El tracte als nostres alumnes es basa en la personalització de cada cas i cada persona.

Participació activa

en les diferents activitats i metodologies formatives propies del CETT

International Connetion

You will make the most of the different academic mobility options. We have more than 50 agreements with universities in 25 countries on four continents.

You will be able to do your internship abroad thanks to CETT's various agreements with international companies.

You will benefit from CETT-UB's close ties with the business sector and tourism administrations.

Connect to labour market

You will apply the knowledge acquired directly in CETT's own companies without leaving campus: the Hotel Alimara or the Residència Universitària Internacional Àgora BCN.

You will join a new generation of experts in the sector by creating a strong networking from CETT. You and your classmates will be the future managers of tomorrow's tourism companies.

Within the tourism sector, you will be recognized as a CETT-UB student for your transversal competencies and leadership and management skills.


This tourism degree allows you to choose from three specializations to deep in. The subjects and objectives of these specializations respond to the most critical strategic challenges of the sector. Thanks to a flexible program, you can customize your study program according to your interests and motivations:

Hotel Management Specialization

Tourism Management

Digital Tourism Business Management


With the CETT-UB Degree in Tourism, you will hold positions of responsibility, management, and administration of tourism companies and public or private organizations in the sector.

Its curricular design will allow you to understand and see tourism from a global and international perspective. At the same time, it integrates the development of the necessary competencies for management profiles and those responsible for tourism and hotel businesses.


  • You will develop a professional career with the most competent, versatile, and polyvalent profile in a sector with a future.
  • You will be part of the new generation of managers with the necessary management skills that the sector demands.
  • With more than 50 years of experience and recognized expertise in the sector, CETT is one of the most prestigious centers endorsed by the UB.
  • You will learn with a faculty with outstanding expertise and a proven track record in the tourism and hotel sector.
  • You will acquire recognition in the sector for the transversal competencies and management skills our students are known for.
  • It will open the doors to the labor market: 45% of CETT-UB Tourism Degree undergraduates have found employment before completing their degree, and 90% have done so within three months.


  • You will have to complete two periods of curricular internships in companies and organizations of the CETT-UB partner sector; you can choose from more than 900! You will also be able to do extracurricular internships.
  • You will also have the option of doing a cross-training internship thanks to the skills enhancing elective subjects, which will allow you to get to know the different departments of a company. Do not hesitate to ask.


  • CETT-UB has international double degrees: specific training itineraries established with universities in different countries, which will allow you to obtain two official degrees. Check these opportunities here.
  • You will choose between doing a double degree in the USA, France, or Finland.


  • You will be able to use multipurpose learning spaces: the Forum, the Eidos Space, La Plaza, the Creativity, and Innovation Space, the Computer Classrooms, or the Reception Classroom.

Our Bachelor's Degree in Tourism has a multidisciplinary approach, so no additional knowledge is required to access the program. Your pre-university studies will be enough, although we recommend that you have notions of humanities and social sciences.

If you come from a vocational background, you can apply for credit recognition and follow a tailor-made study pathway. Ask our student guidance team for all the details!

The recommended profile for prospective students of the degree:

  • Has a good level of foreign languages, especially English.
  • Has basic knowledge in tourism and hotel business management.
  • Has analytical and organizational skills.
  • Has critical and reflective capacity.
  • Can study the dynamics of business growth and internationalization.
  • Has empathy and willingness to work as part of a team.
  • Has a high sense of ethics.
  • Has an interest in traveling, enjoying the knowledge of other cultures, and contacting different realities.

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Photography from: Bachelor's degree in Tourism | 100% in English | University Degree in Tourism in English


Photography from: Bachelor's degree in Tourism | 100% in English | University Degree in Tourism in English
Photography from: Bachelor's degree in Tourism | 100% in English | University Degree in Tourism in English


Photography from: Bachelor's degree in Tourism | 100% in English | University Degree in Tourism in English


Photography from: Bachelor's degree in Tourism | 100% in English | University Degree in Tourism in English



The study plan for the Bachelor's Degree in Tourism is composed of four courses of 60 ECTS each. The first two are common to all students. In the 3rd and 4th years, you will study the subjects corresponding to the specializations.

itinerary of the bachelo'rs degree with its specialties
Un nou Turisme,


Your specialization will allow you to study more specific topics to gain experience and knowledge. The specialization you take will also appear on your official degree, as you have acquired the associated professional competencies. Within the degree, you will be able to specialize by taking the following specializations:


The study program of this degree is structured in four academic years, with 60 ECTS credits each. The first two academic years cover core areas for all students. The last two are dedicated to your chosen specialization.


At CETT, we offer you skill enhancement pathways to adapt the degree to your motivations and interests and configure your professional profile with an added and differential value that will boost your professional career.

After completing your skills enhancement itinerary, you will receive an expert diploma in the chosen area, which will certify this itinerary to complement your degree specialization.

Depending on your interests, you will be able to choose between several intensification itineraries:

  1. Skills Enhancement: you will be able to take 18 credits to further deepen your knowledge in any of the following areas:
  • Internationalization: new emerging markets, models, and expansion strategies in tourism businesses, etc.
  • Digitalization: Big data management, Artificial Intelligence, digital applications in tourism, innovation: innovation models, agile methodologies for innovation, and technological innovation in tourism.
  • Experiences: film and literature, food and wine tourism, design of establishments in hospitality, and design of experiential spaces in catering.
  • Sustainability: ethics and CSR, development cooperation and tourism, tourism and gender.
  1. Skills Enhancement oriented to increase language proficiency: you will be able to master a second language and take up to 27 credits of French or German. You will also learn other foreign languages such as Chinese or Russian and Spanish for international students.

  2. Skills Enhancement oriented to applied learning and knowledge of organizations and business management models: to carry out cross-training between various departments of national and international companies for 4 to 6 months.

At the end of your studies of the Tourism Degree you will be able to work in:

  • Lodging companies
  • Catering companies
  • Congress and convention organization companies
  • Transport and logistics companies
  • Teaching, research, and consulting
  • Tourism intermediation companies
  • Public administrations
Ámbitos de aplicación del Grado

What our Alumni say

Berta Tortajada

Berta Tortajada

Event producer a IVORY WORLDWIDE
Ricard Camps

Ricard Camps

Director fundador de BERLIN LOCAL GUIDE / Manager a CULTOURBERLIN

The International joint Degrees offered at CETT provide specific training paths designed together with universities of recognized reputation and academic excellence; they provide students with the chance of obtaining two accredited qualifications upon completion of the program. These joint Degrees give students a competitive edge in the job market and an invaluable chance to acquire key international skills and competence.

Our School provides the following joint specializations to students who study three academic years at CETT and a further academic year at a University/School of their choice.

Grenoble École de Management

CETT Bachelor Degree in Tourism – Universitat de Barcelona and “Bachelor Programme in International Business” accredited by Grenoble École de Management - France.

Michigan State University

CETT Bachelor Degree in Tourism – Universitat de Barcelona and “Bachelor Programme in Hospitality Business” accredited by Michigan State University - US.

JAMK University of Applied Sciences

CETT Bachelor Degree in Tourism – Universitat de Barcelona and “Bachelor Programme in Tourism Management” accredited by JAMK University of Applied Sciences - Finland.


Tourism is one of the current engines of the world economy generating employment and welfare for the whole of our society. For this reason, it is vital to maintain a high level of quality in the Tourism sector, with the support of a university education to provide specialized knowledge - a basis for innovation and growth-, and skilled people contribute to maintain and improve the levels of competitiveness in the sector.

The degree in Tourism CETT-UB is a university education approved and fully adapted to the requirements of the new European Higher Education Area (EHEA). At CETT-UB we have been working from the very beginning to achieve the highest degree of adaptability and ease of mobility of students. Given the multidisciplinary nature and numerous opportunities for professional development offered, the bachelor's degree provides a curriculum that allows different levels of expertise in the field of Tourism.

  • The curricular design of the bachelor's degree in Tourism provides a corpus of training in higher education for the tourism knowledge that allows viewing and understanding this phenomenon from a global and international perspective. At the same time, it integrates the **development of the necessary skills needed for the profiles of management and Tourism and Hotel business managers.
  • It deepens in the creation, production, promotion and brokerage of Tourism products and Tourism and Hotel services, and values the cultural and territorial resources, to design offerings that respond to the needs of tourists, demanding new and compelling experiences and emotions.
  • The bachelor´s degree allows students to choose between three pathways of specialization: the pathway for Hotel Management, the pathway for Tourism Management, and Digital Tourism Business Management. The subjects and targets of these pathways respond to the major strategic challenges in the sector and, through a flexible program, they allow students to customize their own curriculum according to their interests and motivations.
Acquire a solid foundation

Acquire a solid foundation

Promote innovation and sustainability in tourism.

Promote innovation and sustainability in tourism.

The empowerment of students

The empowerment of students

Offer a strategic vision of tourism management

Offer a strategic vision of tourism management

Business-oriented approach and entrepreneurship

Business-oriented approach and entrepreneurship

Educate leading professionals

Educate leading professionals

Focus in an international and everevolving sector

Focus in an international and everevolving sector

An innovative 4.0 methodology

Acquire the skills necessary for leadership

This methodology is designed to guarantee applied learning through an active training experience with a real impact, in modern facilities with the best teachers.

Unique learning methodology

  • Introduction (individual work space)

A prior preparation of each training session by way of reading bibliography on the concepts, viewing multimedia material, etc.

  • Assimilation (collaborative work spaces)

While on class, you’ll examine the concepts in depth with debates with the classmates and the guidance of the lecturer, discussions, analysis of models, case studies, company visits, etc.

  • Projection (collaborative work spaces)

Sessions for the practical application of knowledge and critical analysis while undertaking projects, confronting challenges, contrasting ideas with professionals from the sector, etc.

  • Consolidation (individual work space)

Internalization of the learning and autonomous work by the student, time for reflection and application of the knowledge in other academic areas and personal motivations.

Access to the most advanced methodological instruments

  • Flipped Classroom
  • Gamification
  • Design thinking
  • Problem-based
  • Learning
  • Competency-based learning
  • Project-based learning
  • Cooperative learning

The learning process in the bachelor’s degree is characterized by a customized level of service and attention towards the students. CETT-UB's training model combines different training methods, such as:

  • Conceptual presentations by teachers and professionals of the sector, and subsequent group reflection.
  • Discussions with reference managers.
  • Simulations and conduction of case studies.
  • Teamwork.
  • Role-play development.
  • Report composing and written work.
  • Individual or group tutorial boosters.
  • Participation in study groups, research and development of expertise in Tourism, where students develop their level of expertise, while working on interpersonal skills.
  • Outings related to the knowledge of the industry: company visits, cultural trips and destinations.
  • Attendance at roundtables, conferences, and presentations.

Students are assessed throughout the curriculum through continuous assessment. However, the option of the final assessment is also provided for students with difficulties to attend all classes regularly.

The Tourism degree curriculum is organized into four academic years with 60 ECTS credits each. The first two academic years are basic training that is common to all students and the other two are focused on the minor chosen.

A degree that adapts to your schedule

At CETT-UB you have the option to adapt your academic schedule to your working life, enrolling in one of the following groups:

  • Group 100% in English – morning schedule

Group designed for international students and for national students that wish to continue developing their communication skills in an international cultural environment.

  • Group 100% in Spanish – morning schedule

Group designed for students coming from Spanish-speaking countries and national students that wish to pursue their degree in Spanish.

  • Group 100% in Catalan – morning schedule

Group designed for students that wish to pursue their degree in Catalan.

  • Intensive Group – afternoon shift

Group designed for students that wish to advance their practical training and/or combine their studies with a job in Tourism, with a flexible schedule and innovative learning methodologies.

Enrollment regulations

For students to receive the Tourism degree, they must successfully pass all of the credits that make up the curriculum.

The regulation establishes that students can enroll in between a minimum of 18 credits and a maximum of 60 new credits. Students may enroll in more than 60 credits (up to a maximum of 75 credits) if they are not currently in a grace period, taking into account that only 60 may be new credits.

Exceptionally, and when it is justified, the direction of CETT-UB may authorize a student to enroll in more than 75 credits, up to a maximum of 78 per academic year (maximum 60 new credits). In this case, the student would have to file a written request.

In any event, at the beginning of the academic year students who have a maximum of 10% of credits remaining to complete the degree (24 credits) must enroll in them all and may request that these courses be offered extraordinarily, regardless of the semester in which they are offered. This request can only be processed at enrollment at the beginning of the academic year.

In order to obtain the bachelor’s degree certification in Tourism, it is necessary that students succeed in earning the totality of the credits established in the curriculum.


Tourism, a choice for the future

As shown by 2018 data, Tourism continues to be one of the sectors with the most growth in the country and one of the driving forces of the global economy, being a sound option for your professional future.

  • Catalonia is leader in reception of tourists in Spain in 2017.
  • Barcelona is one of the 10 most visited cities in Europe.
  • The total number of international tourist arrivals in Spain in 2018 was 1.326bn, 7% more than the previous year.
  • The tourist sector in Spain represents almost 12% of GDP, €142bn.
  • The Spanish tourism sector had a salary increase of 2.7% and increase in employment of 3.1%, in 2018.
  • 2017 was the 8th consecutive year of sustained growth in Europe, the most visited area of the world.
  • The tourism sector employs 118 million workers directly worldwide.
  • According to the UNWTO, there will be 1.8bn international tourists by 2030.

Career opportunities after the bachelor’s degree in Tourism

Discover, create, experiment, manage and transform Tourism

The objective of the CETT-UB Bachelor’s Degree in Tourism is to train the new generation of tourism and hotel sector managers, capable of innovating in the face of the future challenges and of leading teams and projects in a complex and changing environment.

  • Design and transform the tourism of a territory or tourism destination with the introduction of sustainable and responsible policies.
  • Create impressive products and experiences for the tourist.
  • Experience Tourism first-hand in an experiential way, travelling to other countries through academic mobility programs and international internships.
  • Manage Tourism and hotel companies with an overview of the organization.
  • Become an expert in tourism and hospitality, participating in the development and improvement of one of the most important international economic sectors.

Profile of the graduates

Taking the bachelor’s degree in Tourism of the CETT-UB Tourism, Hospitality, and Gastronomy Campus involves being part of a new generation of managers, developing a successful professional career, with the most competent profile and in a sector with a future. The management competencies of this profile are as follows:

  • Total customer orientation Products and services adapted to the different customers, with personalized marketing and communication strategies, with knowledge information systems and permanent monitoring of tourist behavior.
  • Technology Knowledge and command of ICT in Tourism in the interest of business management and the company’s capacity to adapt to changes in the environment and the people.
  • Innovation Development of innovative business models and creative products which meet the needs of customers and business challenges.
  • Business Management, administration and optimal organization of the Tourism business, applying leadership skills, strategic and financial vision.
  • Globalization Global skills, international business development, managing people, markets and businesses in an international environment.
  • Governance From the level of the Tourism company to an overview of the territory and the citizens. From people management to management of the touristic destination.
  • Responsibility and sustainability Principles, values and ethics. Development of the economic, social, environmental and cultural dimensions of Tourism.

International development

The CETT-UB campus offers its students an International Relations Office, responsible both for managing the mobility of students, teaching staff and non-teaching staff, and for guidance, advice and care for students interested in an international experience. CETT-UB has 3 international mobility itineraries, representing professional added value and a life experience:

Academic mobility program

Erasmus Program in the European Union, Sicue Program in Spain and, in the rest of the world, CETT-UB has specific agreements for bachelor’s degree students. CETT-UB offers its students the opportunity to study abroad in the universities which, like CETT-UB, promote knowledge, educational excellence and innovation.

  • 165 vacancies.
  • 46 international agreements in 23 countries on 4 continents.
  • 133 students participated in Incoming programs in the academic year 2018-19.
  • 66 students participated in Outgoing programs in the academic year 2018-19.

International Global internship program

Students who have finished their studies will have the opportunity to undertake an international business internship with a duration between 6 and 12 months in:

  • Leading tourism and hotel companies, recognized for their high level of competitiveness and excellence.
  • Tourism solidarity projects, where they participate in international cooperation plans with NGOs for the development of responsible and sustainable tourism (10 projects).
  • Start-ups which are beginning their activity, participating in the entrepreneurial and creative process of their projects.

International Minor Programs

Interdisciplinary postgraduate courses which allow the graduate to study a specific sphere of knowledge linked to their degree in greater depth or explore other fields of specialization which broaden their curriculum in prestigious international universities.

  • Victoria University, Melbourne (Australia).
  • Grenoble Ecole de Management, Grenoble (France).
  • JAMK University of Applied Sciences, Jyväskylä (Finland).
  • Tecnológico de Monterrey, Monterrey (Mexico).

Further information:

Photography from: Bachelor's degree in Tourism | 100% in English | University Degree in Tourism in English

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Full course price - 60 credits (ECTS)

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CETT Foundation, with the firm conviction that training and knowledge transmission are essential, expands the aid program that it already offered annually to students and includes new scholarships for the 2020 academic year 2021, taking into account, in addition, the difficulties generated by COVID-19.

In addition, the CETT will also give the option to make the payment in 6, 10 or 12 months through bank financing with which a 5% discount on the amount of the fees will be applied. Find out about the special conditions.