Bachelor's Degree in Tourism | Digital Tourism Business Management Specialization within Bachelor's degree in Tourism

Modality: Presencial
Lasting: 4 courses (240 ECTS)
Horario: Morning group / Afternoon group (intensive)
Languages: Spanish, English, Catalan
Specialization within: Bachelor's degree in Tourism

Starts on 2020/21


The third and fourth year of the Digital Tourism Business Management, provide the student with the skills necessary to deal with the management of digital businesses and the creation of tourism products and servicesbased on the opportunities arising from the ttechnical evolution and digitalization of companies from the sector.

Using entrepeneurship as the vehicular learning methodology, students will learn the main innovation instruments and processes, from both a theoretical and practical viewpoint, through the application of these processes to real projects.

For students to receive the Tourism degree, they must successfully pass all of the credits that make up the curriculum.




Code Curriculum SubjectsTypeCreditsCATCASTENG
63216 Tourism marketing and communicationOB6XXX
- Communication in English in tourism: advanced levelOB9XXX
- Organization of tourism companies and people managementOB6XXX
- Practicum IIPE9XXX
Code Tourism ManagementTypeCreditsCATCASTENG
- Industry 4.0 and the transformation of tourism business modelsOPB4.5XXX
- Innovation processes for the creation and transformation of tourism products IOPB6XXX
- Investment and financial management of digital projectsOPB6XXX
- Digital platform designOPB4.5XXX
- e-Commerce for tourism products and servicesOPB4.5XXX
- Branding and digital contentOPB4.5XXX


Code Curriculum SubjectsTypeCreditsCATCASTENG
- Development of management skills and of an entrepeneurial spirit in the tourism sectorOB6XXX
- Senior capstone projectTFG30XXX
Code Tourism ManagementTypeCreditsCATCASTENG
- Innovation processes for the creation and transformation of tourism products IIOPB4.5XXX
- Digital Platform OptimizationOPB4.5XXX
- Corporate and Entrrepeneurial AccelerationOPB3XXX
- Advanced writing skillsOPB3XXX
- Other electivesOPB9XXX

3rd & 4th ELECTIVES

Bachelor's Degree in Tourism, Specialized in Digital Tourism Business Management Pending aproval form the AQU at the Generalitat de Catalunya for the academic year 2020-2021