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CETT-UB Bachelor's Degree

Specialization within Bachelor's degree in Tourism
Call for applications: September 2021

The Hotel Management specialization of the Tourism Degree at CETT-UB is a unique opportunity to study the profession you are passionate about and start your future. Thanks to the set of knowledge and experiences that you will live in CETT-UB, you will learn the necessary tools for the direction, management, and administration of hotels and all types of accommodation establishments.

Imagine being able to study in a classroom, open a door and enter a hotel where you can apply all the knowledge you have just learned. Imagine a center with its own hotel, restaurant, and residence. In this meeting place, students, teachers, industry experts, and clients share synergies. Shape your future and study at CETT-UB, specializing in Hotel Management.

Different trends are currently emerging in the tourist accommodation sector, such as low-cost neo-hotel chains, emerging concepts such as bleisure, or the rise of ecological and sustainable accommodation. All this added to an already very dynamic reality and the general challenges facing the tourism sector: digitization, sustainability, new types of customers, and responsible and ethical tourism models.

The specialization in Hotel Management of the CETT-UB Tourism Degree will open the doors to the professional world. You will be able to develop a career in what you are passionate about. The theoretical and practical training that you will acquire throughout this degree will give you all the skills and competencies that a manager of tourist accommodations should have.

The CETT-UB Degree in Tourism will transform you:

  • You will be able to practice the knowledge acquired directly in the center's accommodation application companies: the Hotel Alimara or the Agora BCN International University Residence.
  • You will obtain, optionally, two university degrees in just four years: that of CETT-UB and that of one of the three international partner universities of CETT-UB in France, Finland, and the United States, thanks to the international double degrees.
  • You will advantage from various academic mobility options. We have more than 50 agreements with foreign universities.
  • You will enjoy an international climate with university students and faculty coming from all over the world.
  • Your friends today will be your professional network tomorrow. You and your classmates will be part of a new generation of expert managers in the hospitality industry.
  • We are the school that teaches the most hours of English and a second foreign language: 30 credits of English and up to 27 credits of a second foreign language such as French or German, and Spanish for international students.
  • You will benefit from the CETT-UB's close ties with the business sector and tourism administrations.
  • More than 85% of our students find a job within three months of completing their degree (Source: AQU).
  • Find out more reasons to study for this degree.

This degree in tourism and hotel management is a university specialization that will allow you to be a specialist and acquire knowledge related to hotel management and hospitality management.

Un nou Turisme,


The Degree in Tourism has a 100% practical, applied and real learning system. You will be the center of the whole process and you will learn thanks to your active participation in the different activities.


With the specialty in Hotel Management CETT-UB, you will acquire the necessary experience and knowledge to successfully manage and direct hotel establishments and campsites, holiday resorts, rural accommodation, holiday lets, cruise ships, etc. All this with a global and sustainable vision will enable you to respond to the sector's new challenges.


  • You will learn how to define and organize an innovative business model.
  • You will learn e-marketing, communication, and branded content strategies to promote lodging companies.
  • You will keep abreast of the latest trends in hospitality, i.e., low-cost neo-hotel chains, emerging concepts such as bleisure, or the rise of ecological and sustainable accommodations.
  • You will learn how to devise differential hotel proposals to adapt to new customer profiles, whether millennials, rural tourists, travelers searching for luxury, or digital nomads.


  • You will learn and experience how to manage authentic tourist accommodations without leaving the center before starting your professional internship.
  • You will train in its practical application companies on campus: the four-star Hotel Alimara Barcelona and the Àgora BCN International University Residence.
  • You will explore the restaurant sector from the inside thanks to the restaurants Aula Restaurant and Summum will allow you to.
  • You will carry out your professional internships in national and international hotels and tourist accommodations, such as AC Hotels by Marriot, Bahía Príncipe Hotels & Resorts, Barceló Hotels & Resorts, H10 Hotels, Costa Cruceros, Eurostars Hotels, Fairmont - Juan Carlos I, Four Seasons Hotels, Hotel Arts-Ritz Hilton, Hotel Chancellor San Francisco, Hotel Roger Smith, Hotusa, Majestic Hotel Group, NH Hotel Group, Royal Caribbean Cruises, Starwood Hotels - Hotel W, and many more!
  • You will experience the hotel and tourist accommodation industry thanks to an extensive program of activities, including a visit to Meliá Hotels to learn about their customer loyalty strategy or a trip to Mallorca on a cruise ship to get to know a unique accommodation, among others.
  • Crosstraining to get to know the different departments of a company thanks to the internships included in the intensification itineraries. Do not hesitate to ask.


  • You will obtain a double university degree in as little as four years by taking international dual degrees, studying three courses at CETT and one course at the university of your choice (Grenoble École de Management in France, JAMK University of Applied Sciences in Finland or Michigan State University in the United States). In this way, you will obtain the Official Bachelor's Degree in Tourism from CETT and the official degree from one of these universities. With a double degree, you will get a competitive edge in the job market.
  • You will obtain Bachelor's Degree in Tourism with an official specialization in Hotel Management from the UB.
  • You will be able to customize your professional profile thanks to the skills enhancement intensification itineraries. By taking an intensification itinerary, you will receive an expert diploma in the chosen subject issued by CETT.


  • You will have at your disposal the expert career guidance and counseling department Career Services and the CETT Job Bank, with more than 1,200 national and 80 international job vacancies per year.
  • You will be able to network and expand your personal and professional network through the different classroom activities.
  • You will be part of the CETT Alumni network, with more than 19,800 CETT alumni worldwide.
  • It will open doors to the job market: 45% of CETT-UB Tourism Degree students have found employment before graduating. Once graduated, 90% have done so within three months


  • The CETT-UB Tourism Bachelor's Degree will turn you into a highly sought-after multilingual professional. Throughout the degree, you will have to take 30 credits of English and up to 27 credits of a second language, thanks to the intensification itineraries.
  • You will be able to apply for an Erasmus grant to study in Europe or a SICUE grant for national mobility.
  • CETT has partnerships with more than 50 universities from 25 countries on four continents, such as Michigan State University (USA), Hanyang University (South Korea), the William Angliss Institute (Australia), the University of Quebec (Canada), the Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences (Finland) or the Breda University of Applied Sciences (Netherlands), among many others.
  • You may also complete your program with the International Minor Programs: interdisciplinary postgraduate courses at prestigious international universities - and participate in the Advanced Management Program - a cross-training program to learn about organizations and business management models.

What do our CETT degree students think?

Mariona Abadias
CETT prepares you to be a versatile professional in a very creative way

Mariona Abadias

Bachelor's Degree in Tourism
Marta Magro
The fact that CETT is internationally recognized means that it has international mobility agreements with almost any destination.

Marta Magro

Bachelor's Degree in Tourism
Nheru González
What I like the most about CETT is the proximity and expertise of the teachers, so they are professionals who are currently working in the world of hospitality or tourism and allow you as a student, to squeeze them and learn many things.

Nheru González

Bachelor's Degree in Tourism

Our Bachelor's Degree in Tourism has a multidisciplinary approach, so no additional knowledge is required to access the program. Your pre-university studies will be enough, although we recommend that you have notions of humanities and social sciences.

If you come from a vocational background, you can apply for credit recognition and follow a tailor-made study pathway. Ask our student guidance team for all the details!

The recommended profile for prospective students of the degree:

  • Has a good level of foreign languages, especially English.
  • Has basic knowledge in tourism and hotel business management.
  • Has analytical and organizational skills.
  • Has critical and reflective capacity.
  • Can study the dynamics of business growth and internationalization.
  • Has empathy and willingness to work as part of a team.
  • Has a high sense of ethics.
  • Has an interest in traveling, enjoying the knowledge of other cultures, and contacting different realities.

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Photography from: Bachelors degree in Hotel Management | CETT-UB Bachelor's Degree


Photography from: Bachelors degree in Hotel Management | CETT-UB Bachelor's Degree
Photography from: Bachelors degree in Hotel Management | CETT-UB Bachelor's Degree


Photography from: Bachelors degree in Hotel Management | CETT-UB Bachelor's Degree


Photography from: Bachelors degree in Hotel Management | CETT-UB Bachelor's Degree



The study plan for the Bachelor's Degree in Tourism is composed of four courses of 60 ECTS each. The first two are common to all students. In the 3rd and 4th years, you will study the subjects corresponding to the specializations.

itinerary of the bachelo'rs degree with its specialties


The study program of this degree is structured in four academic years, with 60 ECTS credits each. The first two academic years cover core areas for all students. The last two are dedicated to your chosen specialization.

At the end of your studies of the Hotel Management specialty of the Tourism Degree you will be able to work in:

  • Hotel establishments
  • Thermal centers
  • Campsites
  • Holiday resorts
  • Rural establishments
  • Holiday lets
  • Cruise ships
Ámbitos de aplicación del Grado

More specifically, when you finish the Hotel Management Mention of the Tourism Degree, you will be able to work as:

  • A hotel manager or assistant manager
  • Hotel manager
  • Person in charge of the organization of congresses/events
  • Commercial director
  • Director of the accommodation area
  • Revenue manager
  • Reception manager
  • Administration department
  • Event sales manager
  • F&B manager
  • Guest relations
  • Key account manager
  • Reservations manager
  • Social media/community manager
  • Accommodation manager in country houses, holiday rentals, residences, hospitals, and the like.

Also, you will always benefit from the Career Services department that will help you in your professional development, come and visit us on the second floor of the Campus!

What our Alumni say

Berta Tortajada

Berta Tortajada

Event producer a IVORY WORLDWIDE
Ricard Camps

Ricard Camps

Director fundador de BERLIN LOCAL GUIDE / Manager a CULTOURBERLIN
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