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Career opportunities
Specialization within Bachelor's degree in Tourism
Call for applications: September 2021

Career opportunities

Planning and managemanent of destinations

Institutions generally of a public nature, that are in charge of defining a tourist destination in the local, regional, autonomous and national areas as well as of setting bases for their management, planning and promotion.

Head of tourism projects in big cities - Director of campaigns for the promotion of destinations - Expert in Management for the Public Administration- Coordinator for visitors customer service - Manager of Leisure areas - Manager of tourist destinations - Tourist Guide - Responsible for marketing - Responsible for revitalization programs - Responsible for the Tourism office- Expert in digital tools and cartography for Tourism.

Torurism products and services

Museum, theme parks, natural parks, golf courses, sailing clubs, spas, Tourism entertainment, ski stations and hill stations, recreational and commercial centres, sports and adventure companies...

Leisure Spaces manager - Marketing director - Incentives operator - Product Manager - Head of the animation department - Group leader - Wine Tourism manager - Product Design and Tourism activities - Cultural Tourism manager - Heritage Interpreter - Tourism Promoter cultural - Cultural spaces guide - Tourist informant.

Organization of events and meetings

Companies in charge of the organization of conferences and conventions.

Professional organizer of conferences, events and incentive meetings - Expert in conferences - Booking responsible - RRPP - Project manager - MICE planner - Expert DMC - Incentive schemes manager - Head of sales- Administration.


Travel companies, travel websites, tour operators, on-line booking centres.

Travel consultant - Project manager - Travel agent- Receptionist - Account manager - Torusim operations department - Web and marketing manager - GDS manager - Social media/community manager - Guide - Accounting/finance- Booking services.

Transportation and logistics

Companies linked to transport (air, sea, railway, road. Companies providing services for logistics such as entities managing the port, airport or other interacting stations management entities.

Expert in tourism mobility - Commercial director - GDS manager - Customer service responsible - RRPP - Responsible for crews management - TCP (cabin crew).

Teaching, research and consultancy

Consulting firms specialized in Tourism, training centres.

Tourism consultant - Teacher - Corporate trainer - Researcher - Head of audits.

And after the bachelor's degree...

Master in Innovation in Tourism Management:

  • Tourism Management of Urban Destinations.
  • Tourism Management of Cultural and Natural Heritage.
  • Management of the Culinary and Gastronomic Heritage.

Master in the Strategic Management of Tourism companies:

  • e-Tourism: Marketing and Commercialization Strategies.
  • Quality and Environmental Management.