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Reasons to study this degree
Call for applications: September 2021

Reasons to study this degree

  • The prestige of the UB and of CETT and of its programs with 50 years of experience.
  • The excellence of the education with a team of expert lecturers and recognized professionals from the sector.
  • A customized degree in which the student can choose from among 3 minors with official recognition.
  • Direct application of the knowledge in the centres and companies of the Campus.
  • An innovative learning methodology with active participation of the student.
  • Personalized monitoring of the student and academic and career guidance.
  • The high number of national and international internships and job opportunities.
  • The mobility options, the international climate and the development of the intercultural and international skills of the students.
  • The promotion of individual talent with adaptation to the different learning rates of the students.
  • Specialized knowledge in Tourism, Hospitality and Gastronomy, through the Research Groups and the Chair.
  • Recognition by the sector of the profile of CETT students thanks to their crosscutting competencies and management skills.
  • The close link with the local business sector and tourism administrations.
  • Professional and personal development. 4th position on the graduate employability ranking.
  • The development of important skills: entrepreneurial spirit, capacity for innovation and business vision.
  • Membership of the CETT Alumni network.