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Custom programs can be designed in the fields of Tourism, Hospitality, Gastronomy, Business, and a variety of other fields with the purpose of building the most suitable educational service package for the students and sending universities.

CETT-UB understands that flexibility is key to the success of custom programs, and always takes into careful consideration the suggestions and proposals received from partner universities with the utmost understanding. CETT-UB is open to adapting the length, course content, and dates of pre-existing programs so as to suit the needs of the partner, as well as creating new programs altogether.


Faculty-led programs are unique, intensive study abroad experiences designed by partner universities in collaboration with CETT-UB. These programs are typically offered during semester breaks. Academic services such as workshops, in-company visits, course coordination, accommodation, guided educational tours, classrooms, and the use of other facilities can be organized by CETT-UB and integrated into the programs.

Students have the opportunity of meeting contacts at overseas organizations they would not likely encounter as a tourist in Barcelona, all while getting to travel with other students from their class.

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