Photography from: Introducción | Higher Technician in Tourism Accommodation Management
Universidad de Barcelona
Academic Offer
Call for applications: September 2021


This CETT-UB Higher Vocational Technician course in Accommodation Management will help you become, in two years, a capable professional in the hospitality sector; you will be forward-thinking and capable to implement the latest, digital and most innovative management techniques and you will also develop the ability to adapt to a changing environment.

This course will teach you how to organize and manage the different sections in any tourist accommodation: hotels, campsites, serviced accommodation, rural houses, halls of residence, etc. You will learn all management keys as well as all operational aspects for reception and customer service, floor management and supervision, commercialization and selling of products and services offered at hotels, the use of Protel management software or events management in hotels, among others. You will also acquire the necessary skills in protocol and public relations, management of teams, marketing for tourism and digitalization.

This CETT-UB Higher Vocational Technician course in Accommodation Management places great emphasis on soft skills (communication and leadership skills, teamwork, conflict management, customer service, etc.) which you will be able to develop practically at any of the 672 plus companies, that collaborate with CETT.

Stand out from the crowd! Lead and innovate in one of the sectors with more employability in Spain and dive into the labor market with the best global operational tools for accommodation management!