Sports Management: Entrepreneurship Approach

Modality: Presencial
Lasting: 3 or 4 weeks (Summer School)
Start date: 01/07/2019
Languages: English

Program Essentials

Type of Course: Summer

Area of Study

Sport Management, Sports Business, Organization of Sports Events.

Year: 2019


As modern pace of life accelerates, the society of the 21st century recovers a Roman motto “mens sana in corpora sano”. The awareness about the importance of doing sports is growing, acting as a powerful driver for one of the most prolific and dynamic industries, which involves, as follows: organization of sports events, sports club management, facilities profitability, tourism destination development, design of mixed activities, co-products creation etc. Due to its diverse, quickly-changing nature sports industry gives endless opportunities for business.

This program’s main objective is the student’s introduction into the industry of sports from a business management point of view.

Key words: sports management, sports business, organization of sporting events


Monday 01 July 2019 (with lodging: arrival on Sunday 30 June 2019)


Thursday 18 July 2019 (3 weeks option) / 25 July 2019 (4 weeks option) (with lodging: departure either on Friday 19 July or Friday 26 July)

Deadline for Application: 31 May 2019

(10% Early Bird Discount for payments done before 15 May 2019)


Undergraduate Students, Graduate Students or Young Professionals

Accreditation of Languages: Level of English - Intermediate (B1-B2)


4 ECTS (3 weeks option) / 10 ECTS (4 weeks option)

Language: English

Hours of Instruction

75 (3 weeks option) / 90 (4 weeks option), including lectures, professional activities.

Other Sessions Available: Summer School 2020

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Remarks: Courses are subject to change.