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Program Structure

Program Structure



  • Observe how sport in a daily routine affects social, cultural and personal dimensions.
  • Identify subcultures and subgroups developed around different sports such as track and field, soccer, cycling and gym, etc.
  • Analyze how socio cultural trends affect and even generate new sports activities.
  • Discover what sports organizations exist, both nationally and internationally, their typology and functioning.
  • Acquire a general idea of sports organization functions and get to know the competitive area of sports industry.
  • Analize the phenomenon of the Olympic Games, motor sports and other internationally reknowned competitions: identify their profitability and beneficial effect for a country or a city.
  • Identify different models used in the management of the facilities after a massive event and learn how to optimize the profitability of sports facilities.
  • Observe the close relationship that exists between the tourism industry and the sports industry and identify the economic, political, and socio-cultural benefits of a sports destination.
  • Get to know different business models, their focus and management strategies.
  • Observe the relationship between social and cultural trends and corporate innovation processes.
  • Get to know different expansion strategies.
  • Acquire practical knowledge about managing a lucrative and commercial sports club such as a gym or a social sports club.
  • Identify key aspects in the sports club management.
  • Learn the techniques and strategies for fundraising.
  • Observe a strong link between the sports industry and tourism industry.
  • Identify economic, political and socio-cultural benefits of a sports destination.
  • Conceptualize the term “Country Brand”.
  • Get to know how government can encourage and promote sports tourism in a country, region or a city.


Sports, Society and Entrepreneurship

  • Sports and Society
  • Management of Sporting

Management of Sporting Enterprises

  • Business Models in the Sporting Industry
  • Sports Clubs Management
  • Sports Tourism
3 Week Modality 4 Week Modality
75 hours of instruction 90 hours of instruction
July 04 - July 21 2022 July 04 - July 28 2022