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Universidad de Barcelona
Academic Offer
Call for applications: September 2021


CETT model is based on our experience of simultaneous training in both kitchen and restaurant business specializations. This view qualifies complete and versatile future professional staff for the restaurant business sector. The Vocational Training Studies in Cooking- Gastronomy and Restaurant Business Services, offered in an integrated three years’ plan of studies, provide a deep view on both areas: kitchen and restaurant business and contribute to the acquisition of key professional skills, focused on the execution of culinary production operations, service of preparations and beverages, customer care, departmental management and service commercialisation always following the established standards for quality protocol . The students, following a personalized career path, will be able to choose the specialization in Cooking-Gastronomy or Restaurant Business Service.

  • First course: Students familiarize with the profession and the specific kitchen operations and restaurant service; acquire new knowledge on products, culinary and service techniques and put it into continuous practice, taking the roles and duties of a beginner in kitchen work and restaurant service.

  • Second course: Generic knowledge as well as the skills acquired during the first course are consolidated. Students work deeper on the specific professional techniques and on the planning and managing processes required for each department in accordance to business, service and quality parameters. This enables students to take on duties which involve greater responsibility. The students choose their speciality and therefore start either the Cooking and Gastronomy path or the Restaurant Service one.

  • Third course: In this last course students direct their professional future towards specialization in Cooking and Gastronomy or Restaurant Service. Practical training enables them to perform different roles, either as a head chef or head waiter, coordinating and supervising their staff, planning the activities and resources common to the overall restaurant management as well as achieving the skills and competences relevant for their professional profile.