Technician in Cooking, Gastronomy and Restaurant Business Services
Modality: Presencial
Lasting: 3 courses (3.359h)
Languages: Spanish, Catalan


The School of Hospitality carries out a number of sector related activities throughout the academic year which range from food and beverage tasting to culinary displays by reputed chefs to the visit and participation in gastronomic events and forums, central markets, cellars, hospitality businesses and fairs connected to food, machinery and new technologies. These activities aim at widening the curricular contents as well as deepening into the professional world.

L’Escola d’Hoteleria realitza durant tot el curs acadèmic activitats vinculades amb el sector, des de tasts de productes i begudes o demostracions culinàries de xefs reconeguts, fins a la visita i la participació en actes i fòrums del món gastronòmic, a mercats centrals, bodegues, empreses hoteleres i fires del sector de l’alimentació, de la maquinària i de les noves tecnologies. L’objectiu d’aquestes activitats és ampliar els continguts curriculars i aprofundir en l’entorn del món professional.

Gastronomy Meeting**

Every year, CETT School of Hospitality organizes the Trobada Gastronòmica (Gastronomy Meeting). For a week a number of activities such as displays, wine and gourmet products tasting, and participation of renowned chefs such as Carles Gaig or Joan Roca among others, take place in order to establish a link between gastronomy and students, who experience the realities of professional gastronomy within a pedagogical surrounding**