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No Student visa is required, only a valid Passport / European ID.

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Non EU-countries

Students are required to obtain a student visa before leaving their country, through the nearest Spanish embassy or consulate.

Medical Insurance

All international students must have an international medical insurance for the whole duration of their stay at CETT-UB:

  • Students from countries in the European Economic Area (European Union nations, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway) and who are entitled to social security benefits in their own country should submit their European health insurance card. This card is issued by the respective national health authorities and entitles the holder to medical care in Spain. Students must have an insurance that covers accidents and repatriation. It can be taken out at the home country at individual level or by the home institution.

  • All other students must have a private international medical insurance for the duration of their stay at CETT-UB. Confirmation should be obtained from the insurer, in Spanish or English, indicating that the coverage applies for the duration of the study period in Spain. Medical attention, accidents and repatriation services need to be covered by the insurance.

  • Insurance is available from Ferrer & Ojeda, the University of Barcelona's preferred partner.

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At Àgora Residence you will feel at home!

Inaugurated in 2006, Àgora Student Residence Hall offers students 12,000 m2 of facilities, 220 rooms, accommodation for 360 residents and a wide range of services and activities, all of them designed for the university community.

The residence hall is situated beside the UB Mundet Campus, a 7-minute walk from CETT-UB, behind the Horta Velodrome, and 50 m from Passeig de la Vall d’Hebron – Ronda de Dalt (highway exit number 4) in Barcelona.

If you want more information, you can check their website, as well as the prices.

On the other hand, if you want to check other housing options, you can check here.


The Barcelona University Centre (BCU)

The Barcelona University Centre (BCU) provides all the information you need to live and study in Barcelona: how to get to Barcelona, cost of living, climate, getting around the city, and services for the university students.

We highly recommend students to visit their website.


Torrent de l’Olla St., 219 – 08012 Barcelona

+34 932 389 049

Website |

Erasmus Student Network (ESN)

Erasmus Student Network (ESN) is the world’s largest network for international students. ESN UB is the student association wich promotes the social and personal integration of all international students at University of Barcelona.


Avinguda Diagonal 690 – Barcelona |

Estimated monthly expenses for students in Barcelona

Below, you can find an estimate of monthly expenses for students in Barcelona:

  • Accommodation: 450 € to 800 €
  • Food: 150 € to 200 €
  • Transport: 30 € to 40 €
  • Leisure, travel and other expenses: it may vary a lot depending on each student's habits and lifestyle, it could be anywhere from 50 € to 300 €.
International Student Guide

Do you want more information about the city of Barcelona, the documents you need to process, the Buddy Program and much more?

You will find it in the Internatinal Student Guide!