Higher Technician in Travel Agencies and event management

Modality: Presencial
Lasting: 2 courses (2.000h)
Languages: Spanish, Catalan


Plan of studies

CETT offers these upper vocational training studies with the aim to qualify the prospective professionals of the travel and event management sectors from an updated professional approach, where innovation and new technologies are a key point.
The habits of travel purchase have been changing in the past few years causing in the sector a need for professionals with commercial and technology skills, essential to ensure both quality and customer’s satisfaction.

Through the training achieved in the Travel Agencies and Event Management Upper Vocational Studies, CETT encompasses a more commercial approach to travel management together with all the aspects related to the creation and planning of travel packages, enabling students to develop the operative and managerial competences necessary for travel planning.
Moreover, students are also trained in event management, emphasizing both public relations and organisational management, key points to ensure success.

Besides the official certificate of upper vocational studies, CETT’s students can choose a personalized career path which added to the vocational training studies, the internship and the end of studies project, will give them the necessary specialized knowledge to obtain CETT’s Specialization Diploma in Protocol and Public Relations in the Tourist Sector Business, On-line Commercialisation of Tourist Products and Services… This specialization gives students the possibility to deal much deeper with subjects related to their vocational studies, making them suitable for more specific professional profiles.

The TRAINING in the sector workplaces included in the academic programme is the ideal connection with the labour market, allowing the students to acquire experience before they enter this market.